Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Operation Home Alone!

Last night, after the girls were both in bed, Dave and I sat down to create 'The plan'. A bit like a military operation, "the plan" needed to be foolproof, watertight and prepared for any eventuality. It starts operating on Thursday...

It's the 'Mama Home Alone' plan, and its gonna be fun and games! Throw in the added complication that I am unable to lift my eldest daughter for the next 5 weeks (into highchair, cot, up stairs etc) and you might begin to understand why such a military style operation is necessary.

We identified equipment needed, potential 'hotspots' and 1 year old training necessary...

Ava has been in training to climb the stairs herself and get in and out of her highchair. Tomorrow, 'Operation Cot Entry and Exit' will be put into practice! Of course, all of this is reliant upon her cooperation... Could be fun when a certain young lady decides she doesn't really WANT a nap!

I think I could be in for a rude awakening!!

Anyone got any top tips for managing two children under two!?! Comments and suggestions VERY welcome!

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