Thursday, 23 May 2013

Round two...?

Yesterday we had a scare. I thought the whole ordeal with Heidi's illness was over when I waltzed into hospital yesterday morning for her to receive her last dose of antibiotics. I could see as the nurse carried out Heidi's obs that she wasn't happy. My heart sank at the thought we might be taking a backwards step. Heidi's temperature was up. Again. For the first time since Sunday.

We doubted ourselves. Perhaps it was because I was feeding her and she was all hot and stuffy under the cover. We waited til she finished and tried again. 38.4 degrees. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to burst into tears.

The nurse left us alone and I just started praying. "God, I believe you can heal. Would you do a miracle?" I grabbed my phone and text a handful of our friends, asking them to get praying. I was desperate. Jesus healed lame people, he made blind people see... Surely he could do something little like bring a temperature down??

About 15 minutes later, the nurse returned. She wanted to see how Heidi's temperature was doing. I waited with bated breath... 37.2. Normal.

Wow. The nurse did a double take.

"I'll check it again in a bit, just to make sure"

The Doctor checked Heidi over. He said she looked perfectly well, her CRP levels were continuing to come down, but this spike had thrown him. He wanted the nurse to take Heidi's temperature again. I could read the communication in their eyes. If it was up, we were going to be readmitted.


You could see they were confused. The Doc said he wanted to speak to his boss... He wasn't sure what the best course of action to take was... How could her temperature have dropped so considerably in such a short space of time?

I know how.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers. God is good and he hears our prayers. Sometimes his answer is yes. Sometimes wait. Sometimes no. On this occassion, God mercifully answered in a very immediate, practical way. We are home and I have been checking Heidi's temperature all afternoon.


Please continue to pray for our Bubba. She's been left pretty weak by this nasty thing and looks like a little pin cushion from all the blood tests, cannulas and antibiotic jabs. I just long for her to have some respite now.

We are going under for a few days.

Lots of sleep. Lots of milk and lots of cuddles.

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