Thursday, 30 May 2013


Wednesday 3.30pm
Shock. I feel like everything is spinning. I cling to the side of her cot and sob, and the next minute I am overcome by a wave of peace. Then the rollercoaster continues. Feeling physically sick, thinking I'm going to collapse. I KNOW God is here with us. He holds us tight. He will not let us go. We sit in tears and cry for our baby girl. It just hurts so much.

Wednesday 7.20pm
Our little Heidi is very sick. Please pray for her healing. We know that God is good and has his purposes, but we are hurting and would cherish your prayers. Please pray for little Heidi's heart and pray for wisdom for the Doctors. Please pray for little Ava too, as it could be a long time with an absent Mama.

Wednesday 9.30PM
We are at the Brompton. The Echo revealed that the coronary artery is inflamed in some places to 3-4 times the size it should be. The danger is obviously clotting and heart attacks. We are in total shock, but thankful to be in the best place... I have cried more tears than I knew I had in me...


  1. Your strength in this situation has been amazing Claire, I am so sorry that little Heidi is having to go through this. I will continue to pray for total healing in her body and for continued peace in you as well xx

  2. David and Claire!

    We are thinking of you and praying for you these days. May our God bless you and heal your little daughter. We also pray for wisdom and guidance for the doctors. We will continue to pray. Thanks for posting updates. You are a strong woman Claire.

    Britt Eva and Kjartan

  3. Oh bless you Claire and I thought little Heidi was out of the woods :( Praying that He carries you in this. Yesterday I posted the 'Footprints' poem on my blog here: I
    pray that you look back on all of this and recognise God in it. So hard right now x x

  4. Praying for Heidi and all of you, absolutely terrifying. You are so strong, but don't think you have to be - you are allowed to feel weak and helpless and angry, God will be strong for you. xxx

  5. Sending thoughts prayers and love to Heidi and you both xx

  6. Oh sweetie you are definitely in my prayers xx

  7. Thinking of you, hope the rollercoaster levels off soon, and Heidi is safe in your arms.


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