Tuesday, 21 May 2013

We're going home!

I have waited with bated breath over every thermometer reading the last 24 hours… there have been too many times I have rejoiced too early at a low reading, only for her little temperature to creep back up. Heidi hasn’t had a temperature since Sunday evening now, and it is SUCH a relief to have my little munchkin back. She is not as perky as normal; I think she’s definitely been left weaker by this illness, but she is well. And that is all that matters.

I packed up my things last night. I had waited all day, not wanting more disappointment, but when her temperature read low again, I gave myself the luxury of assuming we were only going to be in for one more night. As I packed up our things, I realised that, much as I cannot WAIT to go home, this little room will always hold special significance for me. I have cried more tears here probably than anywhere else… it is here that I asked God some pretty honest questions, and its here that he answered in a very real way. I have felt his presence here. He was in it with us.

Our precious little girl is over the worst of it, and while I cannot stop myself smiling, I choke up at the realisation that this is not how the story ends for everyone. I have seen too many little shaved heads this week, seen too many parents shedding tears. We are so blessed and I am so grateful.

Our baby girl is coming home at last.


  1. Wow that is brilliant news. We can not wait to meet your little Heidi.

    The Poole family

  2. Hurray! So pleased for you that Heidi is on the mend and you are able to go back home xx


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