Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Worth the wait...

Yesterday, we packed up the kiddos in the car, and headed to Dave's brother and his wife's for the day. They moved house last weekend and it is beautiful... So much space and so much potential! We are so excited for them, and that excitement has only been exaggerated by the journey they went on to get this place. After a couple of years of house hunting, and trying to sell their old place; after getting their beautiful new house and then losing it before finally getting it again, after lots of viewing, and waiting, and calling solicitors and estate agents; after all of that, they are finally in. And the grins on their faces are contagious.

When we got home from theirs last night, we put the girls to bed and headed downstairs. Dave had a ton of marking to do, so I hopped on my bike (which I haven't ridden since before Heidi was born), and headed off on a little bike ride round the local roads and through the park.

I love my bike. It's beautiful (and a wonderful birthday pressie from Dave last year!) and it is also one of the few places I get thinking time. I'm not very good at stopping, and I think it's fair to say, I don't really know how to relax, but my bike is one place I can do that totally. The evening sun was still warm, there was a light breeze and I just savoured it all.

Ava and I on my lovely bike last summer... and Dave on my Mum's!
As I cycled, I noticed all the blossom starting to appear on the trees and realised that it seems, at last, that springtime is come. And boy, am I appreciating it!

I think there's a life lesson here. Sometimes God allows us to go on a bit of a journey before receiving a blessing. It makes us appreciate the little things more, and it makes us appreciate his goodness and provision in a bigger way. Here I've been, whining about all the awful weather we've had, and then last night, I realised I was actually thankful for it... It has made me so much more appreciative of all this beautiful weather; the late spring and the green shoots, and flower buds and pink blossoms finally peeking through.

You know what I realised? Whether we're talking houses or springtime, sometimes these things are worth the wait... And that wait just makes them all the more beautiful when they do come.


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  1. Lovely - always good to appreciate the little things x

  2. Lovely reasons! I had a bike last yr, bought of a friend....I thought you never forgot how to ride a bike?! lol x

  3. So very true, the good things are always worth the wait. I adore the blossom and I really need to get myself a bike! Mich x


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