Monday, 3 June 2013


The CRP levels are coming down at last...

Which suggests that the Kawasaki Disease has run its course...

Which means it can do no further damage.

Praise God. We hope (hope!) to come home tomorrow...

Of course, this is just the end of the "acute phase"; we now enter a whole new world of Medicine, Echos, anti-platelet therapy and regular check-ups. Heidi's heart condition remains unchanged... her coronary arteries remain dilated.

What this will look like for her remains unknown.

It could mean a life time on drugs.
It could mean there are certain things she will never be able to do.
It could mean more...

It will mean she is more susceptible to heart issues in the future.
It will mean a lifetime of striking the balance between caring for her, and not being over-protective.
It will mean a little girl having to understand what has happened and adjust accordingly.

Please pray for our little Heidi...

We know that God is able to heal... we ask you to pray for that.
We ask you to pray that she will understand, will be able to cope with any limitations that result from this, and that any frustration or disappointment will only help her to rely on the Saviour more.

She may be through the immediate danger, but her little heart is fragile and susceptible to problems.

She will need your prayers for the long run.

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  1. Dear Claire and Dave,
    At last we can be in direct contact with you as Mark has sent a link for
    you blog. You all are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Thank God the CRP levels are reducing and the Karawaski is in retreat. We pray now that the arteries to her heart will return to normal. We pray that the peace of God which passes all understanding will be with you.
    Love Andy and Maggie


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