Friday, 14 June 2013

How does your garden grow?

Our Scarecrow
Spring has been a little late in coming this year... I'm still not entirely sure it has arrived. I'm sort of hoping it will just decide to skip entirely now, and suddenly next week we'll be in summer. I've a nasty feeling summer might decide not to exist this year.

Still, this past week we at least saw a little bit of sunshine... even if only briefly, allowing us the luxury of some garden time...

A few weeks ago, I posted this post about all my ridiculously overexcited ideas for our garden... well, this is how far I've got with it so far (bearing in mind a month got written out of my life!) Our scarecrow was literally knocked together in about 5 minutes, and he is mine, and Ava's, favourite addition to the garden. Literally two bits of wood forming a cross, a nail banged into the centre, some little charity shop clothes and a bale of hay from the garden centre, and voila! Ava runs out into the garden every morning (weather-dependent) shouting "Guten Morrrrrrrrrgen!" at him!

Our other garden project, that we have been working on together, is our bug hotel. I started work on it at the end of April and we finally finished it last week. We are giving it a couple of weeks to gain some inhabitants, and then our explorations of all outdoor creepy crawlies will begin...
Beginning our bug hotel back in April
The finished product! I'll get some more slightly photogenic pictures of it with Ava another time!

Last year I had a lovely beautiful homemade herb garden that served us all summer long with yummy fresh herbs for the kitchen. This year, its looking a little worse for wear... I stocked up last week on some rocket, oregano and coriander and need to plant them in this week. The chives, rosemary and parsley are still serving us well, but they just need tidied up a bit! There is something lovely about fresh picked herbs... they just add a little something, and I find I'm far more adventurous about chucking some extra flavour in when it's just outside my kitchen window!

Anyway... the garden still has a long way to go... mostly because its planted with all these gorgeous colourful geraniums, busy lizzies and giant daisies, but the sun isn't shining enough for them to grow.


 All we need now is some sunshine, and then we can get out and enjoy it!!!

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  1. Such great ideas! I love the bug hotel, that's something that we've been thinking of doing for a while now but not got round to.
    Also the idea of hanging things from trellis is super.

    What a handsome scarecrow you have there too!

    Lovely to spend family time together in the garden isn't it?

    Thanks very much for joining in xx

  2. I love this Claire! I'm going to steal your idea for a kids would love making one for our veg patch :)

  3. Wow!! It's looking fab!! I love the scarecrow and the bug hotel!!

  4. What a great scarecrow, I want one now! The bug hotel is a great idea, my nearly 3 year old loves the bugs, says hello to the ants and dillo's (woodlice that look like armadillo's!).


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