Thursday 27 June 2013

Introducing Get Good Summer 2013

The time has come... it's the launch of "Get Good Summer 2013" All will be revealed in this post as we head towards the summer months...

I don't know about you, but I find the summer can be a bit of a no-mans land. I often look back and think "what have I actually done this summer??" Too often it is filled with lazy days where absolutely nothing is achieved. Don't get me wrong, relaxation is vital but do we have any purpose to the way we often use those golden summer days? Get Good Summer is all about changing that.. it was started two years by two friends of ours, Matt and Bruno, who decided that Summer 2011 was going to have a bit more significance for them...

Last year, I was lucky enough to have "Get Good Summer" introduced to us by the man behind the idea!

Matt, what is Get Good Summer?
Get Good Summer is an attempt to overcome mediocrity by living a more focussed life. The concept is very simple - create a list of five goals that you want to achieve by 1st September 2013, and go about achieving them with the help of other GGS members. 

So what's the idea behind it?
There are things we want to do in life, but which we sometimes lack the discipline and self-control to make happen... Get Good Summer is merely an attempt to remove some of the distractions and focus on achieving them!

Why should readers get involved?
Because you want to. It doesn't work otherwise!

OK, I'm convinced!! I want to make sure this summer I'm productive and achieve some goals! What do I need to do?
Write down a list of specific, but varied, goals... aspirations in fields as diverse as physical conditioning, cuisine, memorisation, sporting prowess, cultural awareness, financial management, retail aspirations and music are just some of the ways people want to get good this summer!

So here's the challenge... I'm going for five goals this summer and I'm going to announce them on Monday. The aim is to achieve each of these goals by September 1st (oh help!!!)... why don't you join in the action? We're launching this Monday, and the idea is you share your 5 goals in the linky party and then we can help each other have a productive summer this year! I'd love to know what goals you are setting yourself!

So get your thinking caps on this weekend... what would you like to achieve? The possibilities are endless! Plant a herb garden? Learn a language? Have a go at a new Sport? Make something? Reach a goal weight? Read a particular book? Become a bit more adventurous with your cooking? (One friend of ours vowed to try a new meal from a different culture very week!), get outdoors every day? Earn some money? The list could go on and on... On Monday, you'll have the opportunity to share your 5 goals in the linky, or in the comments section, and we can stop back every week to see how we're getting on!

You can check out my last year's goals here...

However, my plans went to pot when this happened...

So this year, I'm more determined than ever!

Let's Get Good this summer!

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  1. Sorry for the lateness of my comment, I did read at the time but was on my phone. I love the idea of this and will join in. Mich x


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