Monday, 15 July 2013

Get Good Summer: Week Two Linky Party

Two weeks in! How time flies... nearly a quarter of the way through #GetGoodSummer...

How are you all getting on?

Some of you will no doubt be reveling in your success... feeling like you're making this summer count for something! Others off us may be feeling a little overwhelmed and slightly startled to discover how quickly the time is flying and how little we have yet achieved!

No fear; that is what this linky is all about...

Holding each other accountable, encouraging each other and sharing the tips and tricks that we have found keep us motivated!

So link up your posts below, have a read of a couple of other people's links and leave some comment love! Then we can all encourage each other on this #GetGoodSummer adventure!

If you aren't a blogger, just leave a comment and let us know how your #GetGoodSummer is going!

If you're a newbie, just choose five goals you'd like to put on your Summer Bucket list and link up!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I'll be honest and say that my summer goals will start next Wednesday when we break up from school! Looking forward to getting going though and am being inspired by the great ideas I've read :)

  2. Going quite well with my list, although I'm not sure that going over the bridge that crosses the A3 at Claygate counts as going somewhere I've never been before. Leave that one till later. Have so far maintained 2 walks each week, shortened 1 skirt and made a start on decluttering the bedroom cupboards. Oh and with Terry's help have planted all the plants that needed to be planted. It may be too late for them to flower this year, but we'll just wait and see. Enjoying the challenge and may have to add to my list if I achieve before September.

  3. Checking in .. I have managed to keep both my reading and personal time with God up to date. I am trying to exercise more with walking with a friend every Tuesday am. I am starting to clear the back room slowly and the last one will hopefully happen when I get to France though helping J with his French assessment is helping. So that's me so far

  4. I did love it very much....thanku!!!! Xx


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