Wednesday, 10 July 2013

#GetGoodSummer for kids!

I am feeling quite proud of my #GetGoodSummer this year. For once, I am actually managing to stick to my goals a bit, though I realise this self-congratulation could be a bit premature! I still have 7 and a half weeks to go!!

I was thinking the other day, though, that I would like to make some goals for Ava M this summer too... things for us to work together on for her to achieve. The summer is meant to be a time for us all to relax as a family and enjoy spending time together, but it is nice if you can look back and see what you've done. For Ava, I basically have one MAJOR intention, and four others that I would like to have a go at with her!

#1: Get potty trained! This is the biggy! We have been on the potty training journey for quite a while now. Our adventure started back in January when we gave it a good go. Ava was pretty good, but it became evident that she  wasn't quite ready. With the arrival of little sister, we decided to stall until the Summer.

This summer in Norway should be the perfect opportunity... I'm hoping the weather will be good, so she can wander around the fjordside without a nappy and clearing up accidents therefore won't be disastrous!

Wish us luck!

#2: Learn her colours: I was looking up the other day when children are supposed to be able to do this... at the moment, everything is pink or green to Ava. She's impressed some people with her colour ability, only for them later to discover that her answer of "green!" was a pure shot in the dark! Lol... I've gathered a collection of items to help me with my latest scheme - books and puzzles on the theme of colour, crayons and playdough, as well as just random everyday objects, will all play their part! We'll see...

#3: Join German-speaking playgroup: This was on my to-do list for Ava, and I'm pleased to say we bit the bullet on this one on Monday and headed to our local German-speaking Mum's and Tots group. It was a lovely morning, brilliant for me to get the chance to speak some adult German, and great for Ava to mix, for the first time, with other German-speaking children. It was fascinating to watch her thought process as she registered that these children were speaking the same language as Mama, and I'm so excited to see how this weekly/fortnightly trip enhances her language! (Our multilingual story is here!)

#4: Start to learn the children's catechism: On Sunday, one of the Pastors at our church introduced a memory verse for the children to learn... it went like this (see if you can guess the nursery rhyme tune!)

Ro-Ro-Ro-mans 8, 
and verse 39
Nothing can separate
us from the love of God

Well, needless to say, Ava M has been singing it all week, on repeat and basically hasn't stopped. How wonderful that at less than 2 years old, she has learnt this incredible truth! With this in mind, I spent an hour last week, translating the children's cateschism into German and we have started on the first two questions... she has mastered them with ease - oh to have the memory of a one-year-old! I have planned out some little activities to do alongside each question, and we will attempt one new question every week... so far we've covered...
- Who made you? God made me!
- What else did God make? God made everything!
Watch this space!
(The catechism we are using can be bought here!)

#5: Swim in the fjord: Ha! This could be a fun one. Ava is a funny one when it comes to new experiences. She will fearlessly climb a huge climbing frame, but will scream if you push her, even just gently, on a swing!! Bizarre! Getting my daughter into the cold water of the Norwegian fjords could be fun, but with the help of her Minnie Mouse swimming costume, a life jacket and a rubber dinghy that her Grandparents have bought her, I'm hopeful that she'll make her Sognefjord debut. Last year she made it as far as paddling... we'll see what this year holds!

So that's Ava's #GetGoodSummer... why not sit down with your kids and ask them what they'd like to achieve this summer?

Bucket lists aren't just for adults!

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