Monday, 8 July 2013

#GetGoodSummer: Homemade Lemonade

One of the good things about running this linky, is that I actually feel I should be leading by example... An incentive that gave me a kick up the backside this weekend when I realised I had nothing to post about today. I have managed my half hour of exercise most days... But that's not exactly blogworthy, is it?!

So, armed with a bagful of lemons, I decided that given the gorgeously hot weather, I should tackle my goal to make homemade lemonade. And I am so glad I did. It was SO easy, took about ten minutes to make and was absolutely yum!

You need:
One cup lemon juice (it took me 6 lemons to get one cup)
One cup caster sugar
One cup boiling water
A further three glasses of cold water to dilute.

Tasting lemon for the first time = first class entertainment... especially when she keeps asking for more!
Step one: Squeeze six lemons, removing pips with a sieve and pour into a glass
Step two: Put the boiling water and sugar into a saucepan and create a syrup by dissolving the sugar.
Step three: Once the sugar is dissolved, add the lemon juice.
Step four: Dilute with 3-4 glasses of cold water
Step five: Put in the fridge to chill and serve with lemon slices!

Within 24 hours of the lemonade being made, it was all gone! I will DEFINITELY be making it again... Lots! Especially if this weather keeps up!

Why not give it a go? Nothing quite so refreshing as a glass of ice-cold, home-squeezed lemonade!


  1. I will put some lemons on this weeks shop along with lots of limes x

  2. Fantastic! I'm going to try this too x

  3. Hey, well done you. Definitely gonna get the kids on the homemade lemonade this weekend. Lynne xxx


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