Saturday 6 July 2013

My two Heidis!

We got a lovely package from Austria right before Heidi went into hospital... two gorgeous dresses for the girls with their names embroidered on... and this book here. My eldest daughter's absolute favourite...

Is it any wonder we chose this name for our little one? Heidi... The first "grown-up" book I read independently at the tender age of eight is fast becoming my children's favourite too...

Although this version is abridged, its not a short book... It's wordy and long and, although it has gorgeous pictures, you'd think it would be too much for a one-year-old who can't sit still for more than five seconds. And yet, the past few nights, we have been reading 4-5 pages before bed! 

The other day, someone decided that reading Heidi was not enough... She wanted to be Heidi. And so, after nap time, we headed down stairs for the closest thing to goats milk and goats cheese we could find!

While our real gorgeous Heidi looked on and gurgled!

An afternoon well spent, and an important milestone...

It seems we're heading into the world of imaginative play and I LOVE it!


  1., da fehlt ja nur noch das Dirndl ;-)

  2. that was my favourite book as a child too

  3. awww this is so so lovely what a really great stage to reach, thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments


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