Monday, 19 August 2013

#GetGoodSummer Linky Party: Week 7

It's that time again!

Monday morning means its time to 'fess up to how this past week of your #GetGoodSummer has gone?

I've had a pretty non-eventful week! We returned from Norway on Tuesday night and its been a flurry of activity as we packed up ready to come back to the motherland (Northern Ireland) on Saturday!

One looooooooooooong car journey, a ferry ride and two sleeping girls through Dublin, and we made it! Phew!

So here's how my goal are going...

#1: Half an hour of exercise every day: Pretty good; post swim in Norway, I'm back to my physio exercises, but hoping to get some more exercise in this week!

#2: Make homemade lemonade: check!

#3: Read through Genesis-Leviticus: Genesis is read and I've just started Exodus... I'm doubtful I'll get to the end of Leviticus in the next 2 weeks, but hey... we'll see! I'm ever hopeful!

#4: Scrapbook for Heidi; Utter fail... I haven't even got the photos printed. That will be my job as SOON as I get back...

#5: Make three things from "All Sewn Up". Well, I made these cute homemade coasters, and then I made some bunting for my sister-in-law's birthday... so I've got one project still to go... hmmm...

So I'm doing OK... I could be doing better, but I could also be doing worse. And to be honest, I know for a fact, I wouldn't be doing anything if it wasn't for this linky... so, as always, thanks for making me do this!!

It's also my birthday today, so I'm thinking its OK to have had a no so productive week... right?!?

So how's it going? Link up your progress in the linky party below and pop to a couple of other blogs and give them some encouragement... it really does make all the difference!

If you aren't a blogger, just post your progress in the comments section and check back later... I try to reply to all the comments made!


  1. I have had the book All Sewn Up since last Christmas and I still haven't made anything from it, but I badly want to. I haven't a hope of doing much until the girls are back at school though. Show us your projects if you do get round to making something from the book.

  2. Happy Birthday, Claire! Hope you have a lovely day in NI :) I'm still tackling each of my 5, doing a bit of de-cluttering and paint removal every day. I tried a chicken biriani recipe last night, which went pretty well, and am planning to run 9 miles tomorrow and reach my 10-mile goal whilst on holiday (also in NI!) next week, assuming that it will be cooler and that the unfamiliar, picturesque surroundings will spur me on to the end... Have a great week! xx


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