Friday, 20 September 2013

Little gems...

I'm drinking deep from the rivers of this book at the moment. It is quenching my thirst and feeding my soul. Here are some of the little gems I have been cherishing this week; maybe they will leave you pondering over the weekend...

There's a reason I am not writing the story and God is. He knows how it all works out, where it all leads, what it all means. I don't.

I wonder if the rent in the canvas of our life backdrop, the losses that puncture our world, our own emptiness, might actually become places to see.

To see through to God.

That that which tears open our souls, those holes that splatter our sight, might actually become the thin open places to see through the mess of this place to the heart aching beauty beyond. To Him. To the God whom we endlessly crave.

- Ann Voskamp, 1000 Gifts, pg 22 -

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