Monday, 16 September 2013

Ordinary days...

We are adjusting, slowly but surely, back to life without Papa at home... the summer holidays already seem like a distant haze and we're cherishing the many precious memories that were made this year... but its OK to be back to be normal... back to routine... back to our weekly schedule. I thrive on that. So do the girls.

This week our little Heidi-hi hit a milestone!

Yes! She's sitting! Although this still does occasionally happen...

She is so proud of herself. And I am proud of her too.

This week I was sorting through my pictures on my iPad and I found these...

Dave and I have nothing to do with them... seems someone's figured out how to use Photo Booth!

These two have me chuckling a lot at the moment. I love watching them when they don't know they're being watched. They find each other utterly hilarious and we have frequent occurrences of the giggles over who knows what. I love watching their little relationship developing. I so hope they'll be friends.

We've been learning all about creation this week, and went on a nature walk to see all the different things God made. Here's what we came up with!

And someone gave us these booties for Heidi this week... aren't they to die for? Just gorgeous!

So that was last week - fairly uneventful! Here's to another one of those this week!

Happy Monday everyone!

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