Thursday, 5 September 2013

The house is alive, with the sound of music...

I am quickly learning that I need to keep up with my daughter's love of all things Swiss/Austrian and mountainous. The past few months have been filled with her love of all things "Heidi" - we have had to play at eating goats cheese and drinking goats milk... we have had to listen to the theme tune to "Heidi" on repeat... we've even had to go and meet some real goats!

And now, at last, it seems my daughter has a new love!

Yup... she's gone and fallen in love with "The Sound of Music..."

It is no exaggeration to say she knows the full lyrics to the entire soundtrack. Leave her alone for a few moments and she'll burst into song...

"What will this day be like?" *dramatic pause...* "I wonder..."

Similarly, you might find her dancing round the room singing "When you know the notes to sing..." or marching on her knees to "Doe, a deer"

On her birthday, when asked how old she was, she honestly answered with no prompting...
"Sixteen going on Seventeen"

Slightly obsessive?

Her mother's daughter...

So here, for your entertainment and enjoyment, is one of Ava's renditions... (this was on our way to Northern Ireland a couple of weeks ago. Excuse the ultra cool sunglasses...!)


  1. My daughters both love The Sound of Music! Particularly the 'I am 16' song. Lovely name too :)

  2. That is adorable! Looks like you've got a future stage star on your hands.

  3. He he, so cute! I LOVE The Sound of Music, I think she has great music and glasses ;) Thanks for linking to #oldiesbutgoodies


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