Monday, 30 September 2013

The Present...

Occasionally in life I will have a good idea - like this one. My Father-in-law's 60th birthday present that seems to have gone viral on Pinterest. This feels great at the time, but then unfortunately, when your husband's 30th birthday approaches, you realise you've set the bar pretty high...


So I had a challenge. What to get David for his 30th birthday?

And I came up with an idea.

30 presents, each saying one thing we love about him...

We started off by brainstorming some of the things we love about Dave... the challenge was to think of gifts to accompany each thing that was either useful or something he'd want. My husband loathes tack... so tempting as it was to get him rubbishy little bits and bobs just for the sake of matching the phrase, I knew that was a no-go area.

Here's the list we came up with...

and here were the gifts to go with it...

Super sweet - Rhubarb and Custards (what else!)
Hyper-organized - Index cards (he's been hunting the town for them and couldn't manage to find any!)
Coffee drinking - filter coffee
Squeaky clean - Lynx spray
Over analysing - brain shaped sweets
Football crazy - Fabrice Muamba biography
Family man - framed photo of the girls for his desk at work
Tea-making - Yorkshire Tea
Lovely smelling - Tommy Hilfiger aftershave (Thankyou TKMaxx for that bargain!)
Terrible invalid - Paracetamol
Guitar playing - plectrum
Rain or shine - umbrella
Walker - book of Surrey walks
Talker - Chewing gum in mouth-box
Sensitive toothed - Sensodyne
Old man early - Werther's Originals
Late night working - Boost bar
Preacher - "Replenish - Leading from a healthy soul" book
Teacher - Pens
Always punctual - Casio watch (he wanted exactly the same one he had before!)
Money-saving - new wallet
Super-sporty - FourFourTwo magazine
Music making - New Matt Redman CD
Wacky-humoured - Vintage Ice lolly tin that he took a fancy to in Northern Ireland
Washer-upper - Washing up liquid
Blue-eyed - blue zip-up hoody - H&M
Norwegian - Tube of Norwegian Caviar
Best Friend - Friendship wristband - H&M
Husband - Love-hearts
I love you - card

Phew! Once we had all the ideas, I left the girls with my Mum and did a whirlwind trip to our local shopping town. Two and a half hours later, I had everything I needed. We got it all home, and the wrapping commenced...

 Everything was packed and labelled accordingly...

Until it was ready to go...

Then it was just a case of waiting for the birthday boy to arrive home! He's a pretty well-loved guy...

Presents from friends and family...
 Once all the family had arrived, it was time for the present opening to commence!

Someone was keen to help out...

Everything present and accounted for!

This made me chuckle... so typical of my brother... I think he's done this to my birthday card before too! Love ya Al!

Girls to bed, and then we tucked in to a good old Chinese Takeaway. Love the way the boys sat themselves around the table... perfectly positioned for seconds... and thirds!

Then good old Millie's Cookie's came up trumps with the traditional Giant cookie cake! We're a bit stuck in our ways...

So there you have it... a gift idea you could adapt for any significant birthday (though it might begin to get a bit expensive once you're over 30!)

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  1. Claire.... all the women reading this are thinking we need to 'up our game'! lol David, you truly have a wonderful wife. x

    1. A guy only turns 30 once... Next year we'll be back to normality! Better start wracking my brains for his 40th though!!


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