Friday, 4 October 2013

A little treasure...

Yesterday I was in town with Heidi. Ava spends Thursday morning's with my Mum, so its my "get things done" day. These past couple of weeks I've had to go into town. I am NOT a fan of shopping. But sometimes needs must.

We were just finishing up yesterday morning when it started to rain. I darted into the local antique shop which I LOVE but haven't braved entering since the girls were born. Buggies and antiques are not a good combo.

But Heidi is at that easy transportable stage - she'll happily just sit in her buggy and watch the world go by - so I thought if there was ever a time to brave it, this was it.

We wandered around, had a poke at a few things, checked a few price tags. It is a treasure trove. If I could kit my whole house out in there I would (sadly, it can be a little on the pricey side!) but in the years before the girls, I made a couple of my favourite (and pretty bargainous) purchases there... our larder, and the girls wardrobe.

This time, I wasn't on the prowl for furniture, but when I walked past this little gem, I couldn't resist...

It's a proper vintage 1961 learning to read book and its UTTERLY wonderful and would TOTALLY not be printed today. It's so wonderfully stereotypical. The Mother does the cooking and the cleaning and the bed-making, and the Father cuts logs and digs up potatoes and fixes the fence. I love that. It made me chuckle and it had to be had.

I didn't even have any change on me, apart from a 5 euro note thats been hanging out in my purse for about a year,  but the lady let me buy it in Euros, and gave me change in pounds! How cool is that?

Seriously, I felt like I'd stepped back 50 years... a 1960s original children's book in my hands, and a helpful shopowner who didn't kick up a fuss, or say "this is the way we do it"... just friendly, helpful, service-with-a-smile.

I'm not going to leave it another 2 years before I go back there again!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. We have this little book and Summer loves it - total blast from the past and lovely to see how simple things used to be xxx

  2. I think we have a set of these somewhere.... will bring them for you when we are in the area next x

  3. love it, where was the shop and what is it's name, sounds like I need to go there.


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