Wednesday, 9 October 2013

From the mouths of babes...

Yesterday morning we were in the bathroom. Heidi was sitting and playing with some toys, Ava was in the bath and I was attempting to brush my teeth and do my make-up (this is an often interrupted and rarely completed task!)

While I was rummaging for my mascara, my ears pricked up when I suddenly realised Ava was chattering away to herself in English. This is a fairly rare occurrence when we are home alone, so I listened a little bit closer. The commentary went something like this...

"Don't go in the hall! Don't go in the hall! No running!"

*pauses for a moment* 

"Here's the Bible, now we have a story...

One days (this is how she starts every story when she's playing "story-crèche") God for (??) people. And Jesus say I love you.
I love you.
Now sing!"

*At this point she launches into a full blown rendition of "Jesus love is very wonderful" with a bit of accompanying splashing*

Once the song is finished, she stands up in the bath, looks at me and smiles...

"Fertig!" she announces (finished)

To all of you story crèche teachers? Thank you. The message is going in!



  1. This is so gorgeous! My kids always used to re-enact their sunday school classes and I even remember doing it as a child too :) Love it that your'e bringing your girls up bilingual. x


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