Thursday, 21 November 2013

Goodbye Autumn: Savouring the Season Linky Party 10

I am officially waving goodbye to autumn... the icy winds have set in, and yesterday I got attacked by a hailstorm while I was walking home from Bible Study. I definitely wasn't feeling resentful of the girls sitting in their warm cosy buggy with raincover while I raged battle with the elements.


I SO love the autumn... it is my all time favourite season, but when the cold sets in, and there's a whisper of Christmas in the air, I begin to get excited about the next season too.

Winter is lovely, isn't it?

So today I'm saying goodbye to Autumn... next week, #SavouringtheSeason will be switching its focus. We're going all out winter, folks! And I can't wait...

This year, for the Autumn Season, I set myself an Autumn bucket list. We haven't achieved everything, but I've loved the challenge of having something to work towards...

So here you go, our bucket list in action!

OK... so we didn't carve a pumpkin this year, we also didn't go to a fireworks display (I know - utter parental failure there!) and I don't think I wrote any real letters.

BUT. We have had a fabulous autumn. A season of thankfulness. The harvest of joy after lots of sowing of tears. I have so many reasons to be thankful. The little delights and pleasures of life that all too easily go unnoticed have perhaps been a little more savoured.

So this week is your last chance to link up your autumnal activities/recipes/reflections/crafts/photographs etc, because next week we move to the icy regions of winter (and I'm told this year it's gonna be a big'un!)

Please have a nose around other people's links and leave some lovely comments. Its always so nice to know someone has taken the time to read the writing you put out there. I'll do the rounds and pop over and say hello to all of you!

Goodbye Autumn! It's been wonderful!


  1. ... In fact - you did write a letter! I recieved it ;-)
    Autumn is definately gone here... We woke up to light snowfall this morning...
    ..." I like this not!" ;-)
    LG Catrin

  2. Yes, autumn has gone, but now I look forward to winter too and all the christmas crafts etc we are going to do.

  3. Lovely photos there, and you still savoured it, despite not completing the list :)


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