Monday 30 December 2013

Boxing Day Highlights...

This year we headed up to the beautiful Peak District for Boxing Day... a slightly smaller gathering of us this year - 23 (it often hits the 30s!) but wonderful to spend a couple of days relaxing with family. My two younger cousins were fabulous with our girls, meaning Dave and I were able to relax a bit and not worry about what the little ones were up to!

With the exception of one hideous night (Heidi decided at midnight she wanted to wake up... completely... properly. Yes, I finally got her off to sleep at 4am. In our bed. NOT good!) we had a relaxing and enjoyable time catching up with the fam.

Thank you Beth and Immy... you were stars! (And thank you Jacob for giving up your room for us!)

Chilling out with her cousin once removed!
Little buddies!
My very musically talented cousins gave us a little performance!
Heidi was mesmerized by the music!
Present time!

Thank you to my lovely Aunties and Uncles who hosted us! 



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