Sunday, 2 February 2014

Dear Matilda Mae... One Year...

Dear Matilda Mae,

One year has passed. One whole year. How is that possible? A little girl who managed to cram so much life into nine months; a little girl who lives on in the hearts and memories of so many who knew and loved her, and so many who didn't.

We have stood by your Mummy in awe these past 12 months... Seen how she has sought to live on for your big brother and sister, and yet never once let your memory go. She is an amazing woman, a strong woman... You are so blessed to have her as your Mummy.

This day will be hard for her... All days are hard, but today will be especially hard. We promise we will be behind her; praying for her, rooting for her, loving her.

Already, in this past year, so much has been achieved in your name... You are having a huge impact across the country, raising awareness of SIDS and raising money for research so that more babies don't have to leave too soon. So much makes me think of you - bubbles, pink and purple, stars... All of them little reminders of a little girl who has made such a deep impact on so many people through her all too short little life.

It was short, but it was full. So loved, so cherished, so wanted. You are a blessed little girl.

So this one's for you, Matilda Mae... And Peter... And Samuel. Three babies who didn't stay... But who will not be forgotten.

Letters for Matilda Mae

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  1. Aw Claire, what a very difficult post to write. I have held Jennie and her family in my prayers so many times over this last 12 months. Yesterday must have been simply horrible :( A lovely letter x


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