Thursday, 6 February 2014

Indoor Winter Fun: Savouring the Season Linky Party 20

We have been out in the garden as much as possible this winter, and I am not afraid of a bit of wet. Wellies and waterproofs are fabulous inventions, and we use ours a lot, but my girlies have been fighting off a string of chest and ear infections, and sometimes a little indoor play is non-negotiable.

After a few days of cold weather, and under-the-weather babies, the same old puzzles, books, playdough, make-believe starts to get a little tedious and Mama needs to get a bit more creative.

So last week, while the girls were napping, I taped some paper to the floor, got out a marker and made a little world for the girls to discover when they came downstairs. A few cars, a couple of trains, little houses and little people, and voila! A whole afternoon of imaginative play that cost me very little time, and no money!

So there we go... what winter fun have you been up to this week? Recipes, adventures - outdoor and indoor - activities, arts and crafts... add it to the linky and lets keep each other all inspired through the winter!

Of course, Valentines ideas are also more than welcome... us girlies have a week to get ourselves sorted! EEK!

Please stop by the other links too and leave a comment... its all part of the link-up fun!

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  1. This is an amazing idea!! I have a roll of paper somewhere! Will hunt it out over the weekend! xx


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