Wednesday 26 February 2014

Project Playhouse: The Building Phase...

Project Playhouse in underway!

We've gone for a joint birthday present for the girls this year - a little playhouse that they will hopefully use all summer long. I was feeling very inspired by some of my fave German and Norwegian bloggers and thus the idea was born.

And on Saturday, it started to become a reality!

SO exciting!

Me, my Dad, and a tonne of tools


We finished the house around 7pm... it was pitch black and we were working with a little pocket torch, and I couldn't get any photos because it was so dark... this week's aim is to paint it and decorate the inside ready for Heidi's birthday on Tuesday.

I have a sneaking suspicion the two little  girls in our household won't be the only girls enjoying our little Hutte!! I have to admit... I'm pretty excited myself...!

Clearly still a child at heart!

* * *

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