Friday 11 April 2014

And she's off!

Yes... She's taken those first tentative steps! My little lady is on the move! That little bundle placed upon me 13 months ago is now a walking, talking little girl... when did that happen?!

My baby is moving out of babyhood! And it is bittersweet... Bitter because she is growing up too quickly... motherhood second time round is less chaotic, less excessive, less uncertain... And I am enjoying every second of it. But it's also sweet, so very sweet, because as I watch this little one toddling six little steps before falling into my arms, I realise that our prayers have been answered, that though sometimes, I feel like we're still in the woods, she's here and she's growing and she's hitting every milestone with so much joy.

She stood at the patio door last night: knocking on the window and calling "Papa! Papa!" as she watched her Daddy working in the garden, and it just melted my heart all over again. We have come so far... We are so very blessed.

My heart could not be more full.

So keep growing, Heidi-girl... Keep hitting those milestones. Though Mama may want to slow you down, sometimes, I am just so very grateful for the beautiful gift that you are, and the wonderful, joy-filled, happy and carefree little girl you are growing up to be!


  1. Oh, wonderful - big milestone! My son's 19 months now and saying so much and knowing so much. It's a joy to see but it's also going too quickly! x

  2. Well done little girl! It really does feel like they go from baby to toddler when they start walking. x


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