Wednesday 9 April 2014

Little friends...

Yesterday we had a lovely, impromptu day with some of our NCT friends...

I still maintain NCT was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Not for the childbirth classes.

Not for the breastfeeding advice.

Not for the antenatal care.

(Although all of those were good)

But for these little people, and their parents.

These little ones are growing up as good little friends. They do not remember a time when they didn't have each other. And that's because their wasn't a time. All born within three weeks of each other and thrown together by the chance of a local NCT group...

16 people sitting awkwardly in a room, never conceiving the friendships that would be formed, and the lifechanging adventure we were about to undertake together.

And now the adventure is taking more little people on board. Little girls everywhere, as the second round of children grows! Another little girl will join the ranks in the next couple of weeks!
Exciting times.

One boy... nine girls!
I am loving watching these little people growing up together. Listening to their little conversations, seeing their joy at being reunited, and knowing that little friendships are being formed here.

Hopefully friendships that will last a lifetime.


  1. I have a great nct group too - 9 of us - 4 baby boys and 5 girls

  2. Beautifully put, as always! Was lovely to see you x x

  3. Aw what a lovely photo of them all. The NCT was one of the best things I did for the friendships I made too. x

  4. I'm really sad that I missed the whole NCT experience with having my boys in Switzerland. I couldn't find anything similar ... just a day class but with all the women giving birth at different times in different parts of the city. It's so nice that you remain friends.


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