Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend...

I know, its not over yet. And I'm making the most of the long weekend, sunshine and smiley girls. In two days time, the girls and I travel out to Austria, so we've been making the most of Papa-time this weekend...

Beautiful walks with friends in one of London's beautiful parks...

Playgrounds and piggy-backs...

Aunties, and Uncles and Nanny's stories...

And two very happy little ladies all round... just enjoying these ordinary, magic moments...

mummy daddy me


  1. I love the Pictures!

  2. That so doesn't look like London, what a wonderful outdoor weekend you are having and your little girl looks so pretty in her purple dress enjoying the fresh air.

  3. Ordinary but magic - you just can't beat having your family around you to dote on your little ones!!

  4. awww honey this looks like a super time.. i do hope today brings you lots of magic today too ;-)

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

  5. A beautiful day. I love it. I wish my parents are here too so that they spend time with my son. Thanks for sharing these nice photos =) #OrdinaryMoments

  6. What absolutely beautiful beautiful photos this week. Looks like the perfect bank holiday in the sunshine. xx

  7. Ah some really lovely moments there and how wonderful it has been to see the sunshine! Your girls looks really comfortable and happy with their extended family - happy memories :)

  8. What lovely pictures - and I think I recognised a certain uncle from #Honkopoly there! A beautiful time had in the sun by the looks of it :-)


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