Monday 14 July 2014

Ava Says: June/July

This girl's giving me, among the typical toddler tantrums, a lot of giggles at the moment. She is playing with language a lot... she loves to try out tricky words, make up new words and is currently on a mission to learn by heart every bedtime story we own... her current repertoire includes "Pip und Posy Gute Nacht" and "Leon und Lotta." Ask her to "read" them to you and she'll give you the whole story with pleasure... and even turn the pages at the right places!

As usual, she has entertained us with her little phrases, and I thought it was about time to record them here... boy, are we going to have a giggle one day reading over the things she comes out with together!

I have had fun scrolling back through my facebook statuses this month, and reading over the sticky notes scrawled with funny little sayings...

Here are my June and July favourites!

Me: Look Ava - you've got bird poo on your window!
Ava: I know! That was a bit impolite, wasn't it?

Attempting to climb up the washing machine...
Ava: MAMA! Ich bin STUCK!


Auntie Kristin: What are you going to do during your nap time, Ava?
Ava: I'm going to sleep... and play... and do a little bit of hopping.


On informing Ava that the dinosaurs at the Museum would not be real because they are extinct... 
Ava to Heidi: we might have to go to a different museum now, because all the dinosaurs just died!


After the World Cup Semi-Final...
Me: how shall I do your hair today, Ava?
Ava: like a craaaaazy Germany!
Me: OK?
Ava: because they won the football, Mama...!

Ava, drawing with unsharpened pencil, watches me from the corner of her eye...
"Mama, is this hurting your ears?"
Think Delores. Blackboard. Fingernails.


  1. Oh I love the 'That was a bit impolite one'= so cute and sounds exactly like what Mads would say! x

  2. I had a right little giggle at this post! I wouldn't be alarmed though, a girl in my class recently though dinosaurs still existed but were nocturnal, and thats why we never see them *shakes head in dispair*


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