Thursday 10 July 2014

Get Good Summer: Week Two

Well I have been blown away by some of your #GetGoodSummer Week One attempts... If you're after some inspiration and motivation, Karen, Caroline and Louise had particularly productive weeks! If you didn't pop over and give them some comment love before, go and take a peep now!

A nasty bug hit me Monday night, throwing all my plans for a productive week 2 to the wind. Nevertheless, this week has not been fruitless... I have been material shopping, photo wall planning and reading away to my hearts content...

So here's where I'm at...

1. Make a Photo Wall
So I have sketched and planned, and researched and ummed and aahed and this is as far as I've got...

I have pretty much all my frames, I've decided on what's going in them and now, I've pretty much decided the layout. So this week, I'm all set to get to work...

Wish me luck!

2. Make an item of clothing for the girls
On Thursday, Heidi and I went fabric shopping... I hovered over countless fabrics and the poor child sat and watched her mother pick up about 15 rolls of fabric before actually deciding on anything. If I'm honest, I felt I was settling a bit in the end. There was nothing in my price range which totally grabbed me... so I went for this; but I'm hopeful that once I've put them together, the dresses will look pretty sweet. This week I'm hoping to cut the material ready to take to Norway with me; its one goal I'm planning on tackling while we're on holiday.

3. Organise a Safari 3rd birthday party
This week I have been ordering on Amazon... I have ordered zebra striped duct tape, safari balloons and green card for the invitations. I had hoped to make a start on them this week, but have been thrown off course by this bug. This ones my big aim for next week. Project Invitation is good to go!

4. Half an Hour Exercise every day
Nope. Fail. Utter fail. I was on the go all weekend and then laid up in bed on Monday. So this week I've cycled and done some stretching, but mostly I've just walked, walked, walked (including pushing heavy Phil and Ted's Buggy up National Trust Hill... yup - I felt it in my calves, thighs and just about every other muscle in my body!) I feel like I need some direction with this one... not quite sure where to go with it in the run up to Norway and my fjord swim plans!

5. Use the Library
So I am now over halfway through the Roald Dahl biography, and loving it as much as ever. WHY I started with the longest, biggest, heftiest book, I do not know... but at least it means it will be all downhill from here. In the meantime, I highly recommend it - its a fascinating read!

So there you have it! My #GetGoodSummer Week Two. Week Three, here I come!

Link up your #GetGoodSummer progress in the linky below, then pop over to the other entries and leave a comment... let's keep encouraging each other to Get Good this Summer! If you're new to the party, just link up your goals and we'll get cheering you on! Non-bloggers let us know in the comments!!

Here's to a fabulous week 3...  


  1. I love your fabric choices, can't wait to see what you make :) Your photo wall looks exciting too, you are so organised...I'd probably just throw them all up in a muddle!

  2. so organised. I love the idea of a picture wall

  3. I love the look of your photo wall, can't wait to see it completed.
    Well done this week, you are making good progress!

  4. You are doing well, a safari party looks like lots of fun. I look forward to seeing what you make x

  5. You'e had a great week! I'm impressed. Feeling the pressure now... :)

  6. You've done so well! Very impressed with you photo wall sketch and the fabrics are gorgeous. Getting the party paraphenalia ordering out of the way early is sensible... book sounds fab and walking is exercise lady! Amazing progress :-)

  7. Hope you're feeling much better! Love the fabrics - can't wait to see your creations!

  8. Thanks for the mention lovely, week 3 is definitely nowhere near as productive so far!! Sorry to hear you were poorly, doesn't help does it? But sounds like you still managed to make some progress! Loving the look of the photo wall! When we did ours we ended up laying all the frames on a HUGE sheet of paper (actually lots of sheets taped together) to get the positioning and spaces right, drawing round them, then masking taping the sheet to the wall to use as a guideline. It worked really well but there may be a simpler way of doing it!! :) Xx

  9. Doing really well so far Claire - well done! I have a picture wall on my 'list' too - I'm a bit clueless on it to be honest so am putting it off lol! Looking forward to seeing those dresses taking shape :) x


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