Thursday, 25 September 2014

Five things to do with Conkers: Savouring the Season

When I was a little girl, our neighbours had a huge conker tree that stood over our garden. When autumn came, we would scurry out into the garden and collect conkers by the bagful. They would sit in our garage looking pretty, but probably feeling pretty useless as the odd one was selected for conker fighting purposes.

So when Ava and Dave returned home from a local football match last week with a bag full to the brim with beautiful shiny conkers, I determined that those conkers were going to be used for all they were worth.

And so, for the past couple of weeks, we have been getting creative with our conkers...

1: Make a Conker Sensory Station
Just a big old bucket of conkers, some spoons, whisks, egg boxes, plastic saucepans... You name it, and the kids will be whipping up a conker storm. Sensory stations are a lovely opportunity for children to play with the shape, texture and weight of conkers and have a lot of fun at the same time (do not leave toddlers unaccompanied with conkers... They may attempt to eat them!)

2. Write Conker Letters
In our house, everything is all about letters at the moment. Ava is writing at every opportunity - we are spotting letters, hunting down letters and forming letters in lots of different ways. Conkers and street chalk are just another medium for a bit of spontaneous letter-writing!

3. Create Autumn Decorations
Conkers HAVE to be part and parcel of your autumn decorations, don't they?! Free and versatile... What more could a girl ask for (yes, autumn has arrived in our house - more on that next week!)

4. Make Conker Snakes...
This is a really cute idea that was added to the linky by RedTedArt  last week. Please pop over to Maggie's blog to find out how to make them... Such a cute idea which we are hoping to try early next week!


5. Do some Conker Maths...
Like giant, natural conkers - perfect for counting, making patterns, ordering, weighing and measuring. So much potential here for a full on maths lesson for toddlers! These girlies had fun counting them and making patterns... But there is so much more you could do with slightly older children!

So there you have it! Five ideas for all those conkers you have coming out of your ears!

Time for some conker fun!

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  1. Wow! I'm super impressed with the number of conkers you've found! Love all the ideas, autumn is such a wonderful time of year for getting back to nature

  2. such good ideas. I've been looking for some autumnal things to do with Max and he'll love these :)

  3. I agree, great ideas. We have loads of conkers all around us on the way to school each morning and I end up with pockets rammed with them on the way home! I never know quite what to do with them all either but now i have some inspiration, thank you :)

  4. I LOVE this linky so much and I really like the snake made from conkers :) Awesome. Might have to try that, hehe.
    Thanks for hosting.

  5. Our collection is currently being used as all sorts of exciting things in the play kitchen but I love the idea of making a conker snake!

  6. You have a lot of conkers! I love conkers, but not found any yet this year. Great ideas there, we must go on our conker hunt soon.

  7. That is certainly a LOT of conkers! Love it, and so many fab ideas for what to do with them!!


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