Thursday, 4 September 2014

#GetGoodSummer... It's finished!

Well... we did it! To whatever degree you achieved your goals, you've probably achieved more than you would have done if you hadn't set them... so today is definitely a day for a celebration! I hope you've enjoyed linking up this summer and have a sense of achievement, even if you didn't quite tick everything off on your list.

And for those of you who did? Standing ovation! Well done! I stand defeated and in awe... but happy with my little lot none the less!

So, here's how I did this summer!


I did it! I still have to complete one last frame. The oval dark wood one at the bottom; I need to paint it white/cream, and make a scrapbook letter to go in the frame for our surname initial. Other than that, the frames are up, the photos are in them, and our bedroom feels so much more cosy and homely. It's a project I've planned to do since we moved in over four years ago, so it feels so good to have finally done it! :D PHEW!!



Epic fail! The material is cut and ready to go, but I have yet to whip out my sewing machine and stitch them all together. I will do it, just not within the time frame I'd hoped. There's no reason to not get on with it now that the normal routine is back, so watch out for a blog post in the near future!


A brilliant success; my girly had a fabulous time and it seems everyone else did too. This week, we also tried our hand at making lion bread, so really, there's always an opportunity for a bit more safari love, even if the party's over!



This is one of those ones that I hit some days and not others. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. We've had a fabulous summer, been fairly active - swimming and walking - and now that Ava's heading off to pre-school, Heidi and I intend to do all our trekking around by bike. Plenty of exercise to be had in the Autumn!



I have loved reading through my library pile this summer. I still have a couple of books to go, but I figure five library books is pretty good going (I read five Kindle ones too, but they don't count!) Currently,  my library read is "The Little Village School" by Gervase Phinn and I'm really enjoying it. As an ex-teacher, it rings so true on so many levels, and is bringing a fair few chuckles. I'd recommend it on what I've read so far, but I'll keep you posted.


So there you have it... that has been my #GetGoodSummer... I'm so excited to hear how you all got on, so please share your links below... and please make a special effort to go round an visit everyone this week! We need to give each other a huge round of applause...

And next week, I'll be back with my rest of year linky, "Savouring the Season"... an opportunity to share all your seasonal loves... we'll be saying goodbye to summer and welcoming autumn, so if you have any posts celebrating end of summer/autumnal recipes, trips out, nature, photography, crafts or reflections on your summer, please don't forget to stop back next Thursday and link up!

I'll look forward to seeing you there!

And thanks so much for joining me these past ten weeks... its been lovely to "meet" all your blogs and get to know you all a bit. I hope to still see you around!

Claire xx


  1. I think you've achieved loads Claire. Your photo wall looks fab - I've finished mine too! I've used mine for the 'loud n proud' come back too. I think all of our posts and achievements deserve recognition so if you want to link any of your posts, you're very welcome :) x

    1. Have popped over and linked up, thanks Suzanne! SO glad to get that photo wall finally done!

  2. Really enjoyed doing this over the summer. Here are the results
    Targets for summer 2014

    1. Try and maintain fitness level
    Swam nearly 40 lengths of the pool in Turkey every day of holiday, walked up hills of Pammukule in Turkey . Helped Jon out on paperound and have got to gym several times .

    2. Do something out of comfort zone?
    Turkish bath and massage by a male masseur. Swam in calcium pools and hot mineral baths. Drove a hover craft, took part in Ice Bucket Challenge

    3. Read 3 classics
    Anne of Green Gables, little House on the Prairie, and Ballet Shoes

    4. Plan celebration for Js results day.
    We had a Chinese meal and hovercraft experience to celebrate the 7Bs and 2 CSs he achieved for GCSE

    5. Hold a vintage tea party .
    Definitely still in planning stage but I Know exactly what I want. Now I have to source tea cups and plates and tea pots. Decided on a flower and vintage bunting theme! Sweet trees, cakes, small sandwiches, and lots of different teas and urns filled with hot water. so need to fix date and source invitations. Think this might be one that will take place later in the year.

    1. LOVE all your classics... they are some of my favourites... did you just read the individual books? Are you aware they all have series and continue?? Amazing! Look forward to hearing more about your tea party!

  3. Your photo wall looka amazing lovely, well done! I'm sure you'll get round to the dresses at some point soon... exercise and reading are always tricky around kids, but you've achieved so much! Thanks for hosting this fab linky xx

  4. I think you have done so well and your photo wall is incredible! Thanks so much for hosting this, it has been a great and very productive summer! xx

  5. Congratulations! The birthday cake btw looks absolutely lovely and delicious! :) #loudnproud

  6. Well done the safari party looked fab

  7. Well done on all your achievements. i love your photo wall, I want to make one now! The lion cake looks fantastic!

  8. Really enjoyed being a part of #GetGoodSummer! Thankyou.

    Although I haven't achieved all my goals, I have achieved some and the others will just be ongoing for when I do find some more time! Have had a great summer with my LO so lots of happy memories together.

  9. Oh i love Gervaise Phinn books Claire! My mum&dad heard him speak years ago and bought me one of his books, and i read them all after that! Being a teacher yourself definitely gives extra insight into his funny stories! You seem to have done loads this summer - you are putting me to shame!! xx


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