Friday, 12 September 2014

The Back to School Feast...

There is something wonderful about traditions, isn't there? Whether it be Advent activities, Easter countdowns, birthday breakfasts, Sunday afternoon roasts or Friday night pizza (to name but a few!) they are, in many ways, the stuff that a childhood is made up of.

They are what we hang our memories on.

And so starting school, and the yearly "back to school" that will therefore follow is most definitely an event in need of celebration. Another year older... a fresh start... a new beginning. We may have been doing all these things for the very first time this year, but I knew I wanted to start up some yearly traditions that would make that start back to school that little bit special (as if a pencil case full of brand new stationery isn't enough!)

And so the idea of a School Feast was born... a celebration for the School children as they look forward to another year, and lets be honest, a grand finale to a summer hopefully full of wonderful memories...

A feast. Food. A few nice serviettes. Homemade crowns for the school children. It doesn't break the bank, but still makes that last night at home something to remember.

We were joined by my family and a feast was had...

It was noisy... and busy... and delicious.

And our little school girl was thrilled that it was all in honour of her (even announcing to the family that it was her birthday... OK, slight misunderstanding there!)

We devoured all that yummy food and then packed two tired little girls off to bed right on bedtime.

No late night allowed when you're starting school the next morning!

It was a simple, fun tradition that I'm excited to repeat every year.

What back to school traditions do you have?


  1. What a lovely idea - great way to start the school year off! x

  2. We used to do a special meal..but love this whole idea of celebrating the beginning of the school year.

  3. What a lovely idea! I really wish i had thought of this one now!!! :) I'll definitely keep it in mind for next year though - i love the idea of celebrating the end of Summer and the fresh start of a new school year xxx

  4. Oh this is just so lovely Claire, what a cute idea and what an effort you went too. I may do something like this when my big girl goes to school next year, I love little family traditions. x


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