Friday, 3 October 2014

My little loves!

Here is my little week in a little nutshell!

I finally finished "The Little Village School" by Gervase Phinn this week and loved it! I am so happy to have found another author to get stuck into. This book appealed to me on so many levels - funny, realistic and loveable characters, school setting. I chuckled all the way through and couldn't put it down by the end. Ready to get my teeth stuck into something new this week!

"The Hundred Foot Journey" and it was amazing. We hadn't been to the cinema in about three years (no exaggeration!) so it was such a treat just to go and the film was NOT a disappointment... Funny without being crass, romantic without being cheesy, a good story without being predictable! We both thoroughly enjoyed it! I highly recommend!

Photo courtesy of IMDB

I'm loving Mindy Gledhill's album "Anchor" at the moment... It's light and airy and folky. Music just as I like it! Particularly enjoying this little ditty! (Totally gets stuck in your head though, so listen to your own peril!)

Some little pressies for my friend's baby twins who were born three weeks ago. I wanted to make something lovely for these gorgeous girlies, and with three older sisters I figured they probably had their wardrobes already bursting at the seams. So a little pretty decoration for their room was called for! Monogram of course!

About three different outfits a day! Is anyone else finding this weather an absolute nightmare to dress for?! I wake up and it's dull and drizzly, by lunchtime the sun is beaming and I'm boiling, and the evening is sunny but nippy. I'm not complaining about this weather in October though... Honest!

And lastly...
I am loving, loving, loving getting back into routine. After an initial manic few weeks of adjusting to pick-ups and drop-offs, it has been nice to feel like we're finally getting into the flow of things. To wander home from school and allow these two little loves some much-needed catch-up time while I make lunch. They do miss each other.


  1. That is just the most adorable picture of your two little darlings. It really is great when sisters dwell together in unity. :) Totally agree on not knowing what to wear in this weather. I seem to constantly be dressed for the previous weather situation, so I am freezing in the morning in a short skirt, boiling in the afternoon in a cardigan and probably sitting on the sofa watching bake off wearing my wellies or something.

  2. My sister and my Dad both love Gervase Phinn stories - and they both are/were teachers too - I think he must resonate with a lot of the profession!

  3. Oh that picture of your two is just the cutest! I love seeing my two doing the same (it makes up for all the fighting they do! haha)
    The song you've chosen is lovely, will be heading over to find her on spotify right now!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Oh look at the decorations! Just gorgeous! You are so talented Claire. And how sweet are your girlies together - adorable!

  5. That picture is just adorable! Your homemade gifts are beautiful, how lovely to have you as a friend! Love this song too! Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  6. I love the last photo, it's absolutely gorgeous. Enjoyed the song as well although it drew a couple of funny looks from the kids! I can't get to grips with the weather either, I have to wear my thick winter coat for school drop off and then am down to shorts by the time I go back in the afternoon! #littleloves


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