Thursday 16 October 2014

Our Autumnal Week: Savouring the Season

Rainy days means stuck inside
Noses pressed at windows, blue eyes wide
Watching, jumping at the sound
Of thunder rumbling all around.

Autumn baking, little hands knead
mixed spice biscuits, little mouths to feed
Cancelled trips to the pumpkin patch
Instead we bake a Pumpkin Muffin batch!

Autumn colours everywhere,
Red, yellow, orange, leaves to share
Paintbrushes out, the colours of fall
As little girl creations plaster the walls.

Kicking through leaves in welly boots,
The school run seems a longer route
When all's slowed down by autumn fun
As little girls jump and little girls run!

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Anything autumnal goes!

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  1. That last picture is just adorable. Autumn is so much fun so long as there is time between the rain for the leaves to dry out!

  2. Love your autumn poem - a beautiful summary of the season and the photos are gorgeous too :-)

  3. Made my first ever batch of cinnamon scones, and also sticky toffee pudding and vegetable soup. All because it was raining !

  4. Arranging flowers/making whole meal &yogurt scones /tiding the garage /we have too many things so its Autumn clear out time.....but love Autumn !!

  5. Lovely poem and pictures, summing up autumn well. x

  6. oh the rain this week has really had us feeling like we want to snuggle down and hibernate for a bit - lots of soup and jammy biscuits around here!

  7. Love this, such a great description of all the things we do in autumn. Love that last photo :)

  8. Lovely photos. Autumn is so much fun. Can't wait to go jumping in piles of leaves and splashing in puddles. x

  9. What a gorgeous poem :) I love how the school run is a longer route - SO true! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought :) x


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