Monday 15 December 2014

Advent Day 15: Advent whispers...

Advent. A time to wait. A time to remember. A time to hope.

A season I love and which I feel in the busyness around, I have not made enough time to savour this year.
And so last night, I sat down at my laptop and wrote a little poem about what I love about Advent.

Let's not busy away this beautiful time of year with Christmas stress.
Let's savour every morsel of waiting and remembering and hoping out of it.
Because really, that's what Christmas is all about anyway...

The scent of cloves and fir and berry,
Smiles surround us, hearts are merry 
Candles burn, flames they flicker 
"Christmas is coming" Advent whispers...

Cards they tumble to the floor
As presents under the tree grow more
Jolly laughter, happy noises
"Christmas is Coming" Advent voices...

Lights they glimmer on evenings dark,
ice cold winds on skylines stark.
Round the fire, warmth we seek
"Christmas is coming" Advent speaks...

The day draws near, excitement mounts,
carols are sung, sleeps to count,
Still we await the longed for name
"Christ is coming" Advent proclaims...

The day arrives, great joy abounds
As we remember and gather around
A meagre stable, a lowly stall
"Christ has come!" Christmas calls!
Excited hearts we look beyond
The stable, stall and carol songs,
So we await our hope to come...
"He's coming back" : Advent's just begun...

© Clarina's Contemplations. Christmas 2014


  1. This is really helpful, Claire! Sums up everything I love about this time of year and reminds us of the amazing hope we have in Christ 😊. Mind if I share it with CU tomorrow?

    1. Of course Rachel! I'd be honoured! :-)

    2. Sadly there was only one student there, as the others were in an exam, but she loved it too!

  2. Beautiful photos Claire- I love the one of her being cheeky at the bottom and sticking her little tongue out! :) x

  3. Oh I think that's really lovely and so very true - it's so easy to get lost in the busyness isn't it and forget what we're waiting for and why and so lovely to step back and remember :)

  4. Love this, and the fact that you're trying to keep advent special. Its SO hard to do this these days, I sometimes wonder if we should bring Advent forward a month! Love all the wonderful little Kindness Elves too! Fantastic stuff, Claire.


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