Thursday, 26 March 2015

Spring in the Huette...

Our house is not the only residence on our little piece of property that likes to have a seasonal makeover... our little ladies house also enjoys a seasonal spruce-up, and this spring is no exception. So yesterday, while Heidi napped, Ava and I headed down to the playhouse to give it some TLC...

We took down the remaining Christmas decorations (cringe... yes, the odd few had escaped!) and put some little springtime touches onto the Huette.

Of course, a bit of spring cleaning was the order of the day too!

And then Ava decided to concoct some soup before her little sister woke up...

... to very great excitement! Heidi was thrilled at all the changes in her little house and sat down to eat her soup straight away!

They spent the whole afternoon playing down there, popping their heads in and out of their little house, visiting friends, playing restaurants, travelling to Norway (yes, apparently they fitted that in too!) and looking after their babies. I'm hoping for lots of quiet hours in the summertime adjusting to baby number three while these two occupy themselves whiling away the hours in their own little cosy home.

Spring's greatest joy
beyond a doubt,
is when it brings the children out!
- Edgar Guest -


  1. Could they do my house please?

  2. Oh this is so gorgeous! I have been wanting to get my girls a play house for ages- yours is just gorgeous! xx

  3. Oh what gorgeous little spring touches to add to a very special play house, with them so involved in their play it sounds like you'll have a lovely summer with baby 3 :)


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