Thursday 16 April 2015

Big School...

Today is a big day in our house.

We are waiting for some news that could directly impact the next decade or so of our lives... or at least the lives of our littles...

Today we find out what primary school Ava will start in September.

My baby girl... still so little in so many ways... who loves to pretend that her scooter is a horse, who enjoys baking cakes and cooking endless cups of tea in her playhouse, whose favourite games are "Mummys and Daddys" and "Sleeping Beauty", who loves to please people and takes great delight in "writing her letters", is growing up. In September, she will spend as many hours of her day away from me than with me...

In so many, many ways, she is ready for this step. She loves school, she loves playing with her little friends, she is hungry to learn - letters, numbers, stories and songs. She comes home from Nursery School full of all that she has been up to - the games she played, the songs they sang, the items they pulled out of the "learning box". We have loved her Nursery School... we are hopeful she will get a place there, but the honest truth is, she may not...

I won't deny I will be sad if we have to move her next year.

And yet in the uncertainty, I do feel peace about it. We have been praying as we have made this decision, and as we await the outcome, not that she would get into our first choice school, but rather, that she would get into the school which will be best for her, and in which we can best serve God as a family. Where are the people God wants us to meet? Who are the little friends he wants her to make?

And in His sovereignty, there is peace. In knowing that though the outcome may not be what WE would choose, he has his plans and purposes.

Where does appealing, and where do waiting lists fit into that?

Well, if we don't get our first choice we will go on a waiting list... and we will trust that if that's where we're meant to be, she'll get that place. Her Nursery School is our local primary. In so many ways it is exactly what we would choose for her... it is nearby, she would be at school with her neighbours,  it upholds the faith that is so central to all we are as a family.

But we will also seek to accept that if that place does not become available before September, then God has other plans for us... for her. For our little girl.

I'd rather leave it in our Heavenly Father's hands.

For all of you out there awaiting big news today... we wish you all the best!

I'll keep you posted!


  1. Fingers crossed Clare. Oliver is a september baby so does not start until next year. We are at the same school as you and I hope Oliver gets a place next year. Good luck x

  2. Lykke til 🙏

  3. I remember this agony for us, exactly a year ago today. I'm thinking of you. Xx

  4. Hope you find out soon (if you haven't already) - we were in the same boat this morning and were pleased to find that Eli has a place at Meg's school. A huge relief but also a hard one as I still can't believe he will be going off to school this September!

  5. Feeling for you! We were there two years ago and didn't get what we wanted but ended up with a school that my daughter loves and her brother will join her in September. You're so right....what will be is what is planned Good luck xxx


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