Friday 17 April 2015

Pregnancy dilemmas, Paddling Pools and Primary School Places: Our #littleloves this week

It's been a fabulous week... the weather turned a corner last weekend, and since then, we've been basking in the glorious spring sunshine (though on Wednesday it felt more like summer!) Our home suddenly feels so much bigger as the garden becomes our extra living space, and we've been daisy picking, Huette housekeeping and streetchalk drawing to our hearts content!

So here's our little week in a nutshell!

You'd think after having two girls that we'd have our boy's name sussed and be struggling for girls name inspiration... but in fact the opposite is true. Date night at 32 weeks pregnant involves spending half the evening throwing name possibilities backwards and forwards and still coming to no conclusion. If we have another girl, we're sorted, and we've shortlisted for boys... we're just struggling to make that final decision... gah! So this week I have been reading a lot of this book... I'm still none the wiser...

Absolutely no television! The sun has been so fabulous, that I've simply been enjoying pottering about and watching our little ladies having a whale of a time (literally!) in the sunshine!

Lots and lots of giggling girliness. Apparently sunshine makes little girls even more giggly than they normally are.

Paper petals galore. A lovely friend of mine is getting married at the beginning of May, and our fabulous friend Joanna is creating these incredible paper flower centrepieces. She's roped a few of us in to help out with some paper petal folding, so last night my Mother-in-Law and I spent the evening folding these petals... I would show you a picture of the finished product, but apparently we're keeping it all under wraps from the bride, so sorry folks, you'll just have to wait on that one.

I also baked The Hummingbird Bakery Banana Loaf and put a bit of a twist on it with some leftover Chocolate Buttons from the girls' Easter eggs... I'm not gonna lie. It was delicious!

Oh dear! This one is getting harder and harder. It's getting increasingly impossible to not look elephantish as I hit 33 weeks yesterday... Just wearing whatever is comfortable/fits/looks semi-decent (delete as appropriate!)

AND LASTLY... Primary School placement...
Yesterday, when I opened that dreaded email, I'll be honest and say I wasn't really prepared for the answer we got. My heart sunk to my feet when I saw we hadn't got our first choice... but our fourth. A completely new school for Ava where she won't know anyone, leaving all her little friends, not the church schooling we had hoped for... We had prayed A LOT about this decision and had asked God to make it clear where she was meant to be by closing doors that were not right. He has done that. Still, I'll not deny I was gutted. But as the evening wore on, and I did a little more reading, and chatted everything through with Dave, I began to feel more at peace about the whole thing.
It is not what I would have chosen, but we are trusting in our Heavenly Father who has bigger plans and purposes than we can understand, and who knows and loves our little Ava even more than we do. She will thrive wherever she goes, but ultimately, I'm trusting she is in the best place for her, because that is where HE has placed her.
A tough evening, but we were reminded again that our God is good. Thank you to all of you who have been fabulous as we got our heads around this news...

And that, folks, is our little week in a nutshell.


  1. that cake looks lovely! and i remember the baby name stage! I loved naming ours! :) x

  2. We really struggled with a boys name too, we didn't make a final decision until after he was born. I can imagine it must be so disappointing to get your fourth choice, we've got another year before it's our turn and it's making me nervous already. xx

  3. What a lovely week, your two girls playing in the paddling pool look like they're having so much fun. I'm sorry to hear about your school place, but you're so right, she'll be in just the right place for God's plans for her :) praying that you'd continue to be at peace knowing that. Hope you've had a good weekend xx

  4. Wow I love that you have the paddling pool out already- that's dedication! And I am exactly the same- if we ever have another one I know exactly what I would call a girl but wouldn't have a clue where to start with a boys name! x

  5. Gosh Claire, what a week and what a disappointing end :( I love your attitude to that school placement - so easy to say and write down but not always easy to believe wholeheartedly. He does have you all in His hands but still must be hard. Thinking of you.x x

  6. Oh my goodness, how did I miss that you were pregnant?! Extremely belated congratulations! Such wonderful news. With my eldest son, I knew what his name was the moment that I found out that I was pregnant. I was 100 percent certain that he was a boy and that his name should be James. With my littlest, I was really, really stuck and then midway through my pregnancy, we watched a random film where the lead character was called Matt. It was on one of those balmy Swiss summer nights where we had the balcony doors open and could almost smell the warmth. It was such a lovely evening that we took it as a sign to call him Matthew. He absolutely suits the name. I'm sure something will just pop out at you at some point and you'll just know it's the right one x

  7. I'm sure I commented on this post at the weekend, eek, sorry! Oh well, better late than never..
    My husband and I really struggled with names for our girls, or should I say he did! I came up with loads, all of which he vetoed! On reflection both of them ended up with names he chose, though to be fair we call E the name I came up with and not her official name, she only gets called that one when she's naughty! hahaa xx


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