Monday 1 June 2015

A to Z Authors: "I" is for Ibbotson

I had a slow start to reading this month, I was finishing off my H book, and putting of my "I" book, until a friend recommended Ibbotson as an author... Then it was a case of waiting for the library to order in the book for me, so I think we were two weeks into May before I finally got started...

But boy was it worth the wait!

I think this has proved to be my favourite "A to Z Authors" book so far (alongside Freedman's "Mrs Mike" and du Maurier's "Rebecca")... Seriously, I devoured it!

Anyway... Introducing my "I" book...

Book 9: "I"
Oh! How I loved this book! From the opening of page one, I was gripped by the story of English orphan Maia as she set off on an adventure to the Amazon. Ibbotson effortlessly creates brilliantly crafted characters, stunning settings and a beautiful eeriness that pervades every page of the book. Essentially it's a children's novel... But aren't the best stories ALWAYS written for children? My only regret is that I didn't read this sooner... I know, without a doubt, that the ten and eleven year olds I taught would have loved it!
I can't really give this one a big enough accolade, other than to say, if you haven't got a plan for your "I" author yet, then make this your book. And if you have 8-14 year olds in your home, then read this book with them... It's brilliant in every sense of the word!
Favourite quote...
“I would let her...have adventures. I would let her...choose her path. It would be was hard...but I would do it. Oh, not completely, of course. Some things have to go on. Cleaning one's teeth, arithmetic. But Maia fell in love with the Amazon. It happens. The place was for her - and the people. Of course there was some danger, but there is danger everywhere. Two years ago, in this school, there was an outbreak of typhus, and three girls died. Children are knocked down and killed by horses every week, here in these streets--" She broke off, gathering her thoughts. "When she was traveling and exploring...and finding her songs, Maia wasn't just happy, she was...herself. I think something broke in Maia when her parents died, and out there it healed. Perhaps I'm mad--and the professor too-- but I think children must lead big lives...if it is in them to do so.”

So I have now tucked into my next book, and I'm realising I'll need to pick up the pace if I want to get to Z by Christmas (cue newborn, sleepless nights and a Kindle to keep me awake!)

Anyone read this one? So far, so good!

Link up your book love this month! Can't wait to see what you've all been reading!


  1. Death comes to Pemberly is great fun, I thought PD James did a good job of borrowing the characters and she was the master storyteller when it comes to murder mystery!

  2. Spent på om det vert ei reise idag!😀

  3. Love this one. Generaly big fan of Eva Ibbotson!

  4. Great book for guided reading reading!!xx

  5. I LOVE Death comes to Pemberley! Can't remember if I read the book, but I loved the BBC series. Your Ibbotson book sounds good, glad you enjoyed it so much :) xx


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