Friday 5 June 2015

Hats, hairstyles and Braxton Hicks... Little Loves Week 23

Another week of waiting, another week of no news. I am now officially over due date... So while the diary has certainly been quieter, we've kept ourselves busy at home to while away the days while we await our new arrival!

So here's what we've been up to this week!

I'm reading my "J" author for #atozauthors now and am whizzing through "Death comes to Pemberley" by PD James. Did anyone watch it on TV last Christmas? I missed it, which I'm quite glad about now, as it means I have NO idea what's going to happen... And isn't that the best kind of murder mystery?? Trying to speed my way through this one as its a paper copy, and I know once baby arrives, reading through the middle of the night feeds on my Kindle will be the only way forward!

Ava and I had a real treat on Saturday! A lovely friend of ours contacted us on Friday night to say she had two spare tickets for "The Tiger Who Came To Tea" at the theatre the next day and invited us to join her and her little girl! We were thrilled! The show was absolutely fantastic, Ava was gripped from beginning to end and loved joining in with all the singing, dancing and repetition! If you have kids between 2 and 5, its an absolute must see!

Photo courtesy of "The Tiger Who Came To Tea"


"Yummy, yummy sausages
Scrummy, scrummy chips
Yummy, scrummy tastes so good!
Yummy, scrummy I love sausages and chips...
And ice-cream for my pud!"

On repeat. Again. And again.

And again.

Anyone get my pain here?!

Sun hats! OK... So we had two pretty rubbish days of weather here... I'm talking pouring rain and (almost) gale force winds... But then the last few days have been glorious! Sun hats, sun glasses and sun cream at the ready!! I picked this cute little hat up at Tesco recently... Something about straw hats on little girls in the sunshine that just makes me go all warm inside!

Not a lot! More fun hairstyles this week. I'm getting better at plaiting (practice makes perfect) although it's not always easy when your trying to do it over the breakfast table with wriggly little bottoms. But I'm trying out a new style on Ava most days which is good fun! You can follow my Pinterest board here for little girl hair inspiration!

And lastly...
So we're just pottering along, trying not to think about when things are finally going to kick off
around here, but instead focus on savouring up this little ordinary life as it is right now, before the chaos of newborns hits! Life is in many ways the simplest it's been since we've had children, and I know its all going to turn to fun and games soon enough. We can't wait to meet our new little person, but we're under no illusions that life isn't going to move to the fast lane again. So rather than feeling frustrated that it hasn't happened yet, rather than analysing every Braxton Hicks contraction, I'm trying to soak and savour and enjoy right now... And trust that The Lord has a perfect plan and timing for our littlest member to join us!

See you next week!



  1. I feel your pain! That song haunted me for days! Xx

  2. I need to follow this Pinterest board!! My girls styles consist of regular plaits, pigtails or down. Not adventurous at all! Oh Claire, I hope baby gets a move on for you. I'm so excited to hear your news! Xxx

  3. Hope baby doesn't keep you waiting for too long Claire!! I am loving seeing the different hairstyles of the girls on your IG feed; I am so bad with hair, Meg gets a plait, a ponytail or a messy bun and that's about my limit. Unless her hair is wet it's really hard to contain the curls. Have a wonderful week xx

  4. I'm envious that you do so much with your girls hair. We're usually in such a rush it's a 'chuck it in a bobble and stick in a slide kind of style'. I hope you get to savour your last few days of pregnancy x

  5. Braxton Hicks could be a great character in a book! lol. Come along bubba! x

  6. Ooh lovely hair style, we always try the cute girls hairstyles ones, their YouTube tutorials are amazing. I've learned so many different plaits I didn't know that existed. Everytime I click on you blog I'm like... eek... waiting for your reveal. So excited for your new baba xxx Lovely round up, the sun hats are great #littleloves

  7. Ah The Tiger Who Came To Tea was my favourite book when I was little! I hope baby doesn't keep you waiting too long! x

  8. Your little ones are so cute! The Tiger Who Came to Tea looks great. Fingers crossed you get to meet baby soon, although savouring the newborn free time you have left also sounds like a great idea! Have a great weekend x

  9. Oh bless you still waiting-well I've got everything crossed for it all to happen soon, but love your outlook of enjoying the now! Haven't taken Little B to the theatre yet but have been given tickets for the Gruffalo in August and I can't wait. Very cute little hats, i agree they look perfect and ideal for what will hopefully be a lovely summer now x

  10. Oh! Goodness me! This time next week hopefully you'll be holding a squidgy newborn!!! Eeeeep. Mine were 9 days and 13 days over so I was waiting and waiting. I really hope all goes well chicky. The theatre sounds brilliant fun! My son loves that book! x

  11. Claire, I love your writings...a gift, and I adore seeing pics of your 2 little one ones, soon to be 3! Pleas know you are in our prayers for a healthy additon to your lovely family. Blessings

  12. I loved the BBC series of Death Comes to Pemberley, I watched it when I should've been writing my dissertation..oops. Those plaits are so cute, the dutch braid you shared on IG this morning is lovely too :) hope baby comes soon! Have a restful weekend xx

  13. Braxton hicks. I had those from like 22 weeks! they can be a pain towards the end as you think its 'happening' all the time! all good practice for the real thing though :) You'll be fine, embrace it and keep in mind with every breath that baby is getting closer and closer! :) I really want to take my littles to see the tiger who came to tea at the theatre its one of their favourite books!! xx

  14. Your so good with your girls hair. I am truly awful at it much to my eldest's disappointment! I'm heading straight to pinterest to find that board.
    The Tiger Who Came to Tea is coming to our local theatre next month and I've been in two minds whether to book ticket,s but think I might do now.
    Hope you're ok, and not getting too fed up xxxx


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