Friday 12 June 2015

Prairie-lands, plaits and very late babies! #littleloves week 24


But enough of that... this time next week, if our littlest has not decided to make its own way into the world, the Doctors will be going in to get him/her out!!

Anyway... lets follow this advice...

Here's what we've been up to this week...

Little House on the Prairie with my big girl... and she is LOVING it. To the extent that the majority of the girls make believe world currently centres around a cabin in Wisconsin and a lot of cleaning, animal feeding and bonnet wearing. More on that here...

Dave and I have been watching an episode of "Indian Summers" on catch up pretty much every night in an attempt to get through it before a newborn creates havoc with our quiet evenings!! We only have one more episode to go, and I'm on tenderhooks to see what happens... eeek!

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Not loads, but I had some quiet time on Wednesday lunchtime just to sit and read my Bible and pray and was loving a bit of Fernando Ortega... seriously, I just love all his music... it speaks truth to my heart and relaxes my soul!

More crazy hair styles this week...

And a little blue nail polish... I did my nails on my due date last week, and they were so scrappy, I felt due date + one week also required a little nail love...

A list of my Newborn favourites... you can check it out here!! 

And lastly:
In all seriousness, having an "extra week" before the chaos ensues has been a blessing. I was able to say goodbye to some wonderful friends who have moved stateside this week (two families who are very dear to us), and also just to cherish some time with this little fam of mine before we grow. The girls are at such a lovely stage, and its nice to just breath it all in and appreciate them where they're at right now.

A few pics from this week...

So, hopefully I'll be back next week with a little announcement!!

Mwah! Happy weekend!



  1. Samuel was 10 days late - it is quite hard to be patient x

  2. I absolutely love Little House on The Prarie.. I am no good with hair.. These that you have done are gorgeous! Hopefully this week is a good week for you and baby makes an appearance! xx

  3. I absolutely love Little House on The Prarie.. I am no good with hair.. These that you have done are gorgeous! Hopefully this week is a good week for you and baby makes an appearance! xx

  4. Totally sympathise with being overdue, I was two week's late with H. Sigh!

    Loving their bonnets, far too cute. Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. You're so positive about being overdue. I was a temperamental madame! I adored Little House on the Prairie as a child, the books are amazing. I am glad you are getting to enjoy it with your girls, they look so cute in their bonnets x

  6. Those little duck shoes have made my broodiness go into overdrive; how absolutely adorable are they! Hope you are managing to rest lots as well as enjoying time with your girlies before baby arrives. Have a great week x

  7. Music that relaxes your soul is the best kind right? I can sympathise too, all of mine were overdue, 5 days, 9 days and 3 days! all huge babies too! lol

  8. Sorry i hit enter too soon! I love the plaits you have done on your girls, lovely photos too xx

  9. It sounds like you have had a lovely week. Good luck with the imminent arrival! Your hair styling is gorgeous, I am rubbish at hair! Have a lovely weekend x

  10. I've only ever watched Little House on the Prairie in French, but enjoyed it all the same :) so cute that your girls like to act it out. I hope you're enjoying your weekend, praying that all goes well next week xx

  11. Oooh I'm hoping that by the time I've written this that he/she will have made an appearance over the weekend! Love your girls' hairstyles- I'm rubbish at doing hair and really must practice on Sasha more! #littleloves

  12. Loving all the girls hair styles! Just checked Instagram and saw baby Jonas - congratulations lovely xxx


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