Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Goodbye Summer...

It's rained a lot this week, the evenings are closing in earlier and Heidi and I baked apple crumble this week... That means only one thing...

Autumn is on its way.

And with the arrival of my favourite season comes the slow farewell to summer; goodbye to warmer temperatures and long evenings, goodbye to the freedom of summer holidays, goodbye to bare feet and tanned shoulders. Farewell to a summer of wonderful memories made.

And so our little house is ready for the changing seasons too... Beach scene frames look out of place in front of a rainy window and blues and whites are ready to be packed away in favour of oranges, reds and browns...

It's been a wonderful summer, but I'm ready for change...

Autumn, my old friend, you are welcome here!


  1. I woke up and really fancy making spicy winter veg soup!! Def autumn. X

  2. Oh Apple crumble is a definite sign! I've also worn a scarf and eaten toasted tea cakes this week so I think that's autumn for sure!


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