Friday 18 September 2015

Make-up, Musicals and Marshmallow Cupcakes// Little Loves

I've been blogging regularly for coming up four years now (8 years if you count the sporadic beginnings!) and of all the linkys I've ever been part of, this one is my favourite. There's something nice about just rounding up every week with a little reflection on the little details, because the little details are what make the everyday, aren't they?

So, thank you Morgana for keeping this little linky going!

Anyway, its been a big week, with Ava off at school for her first full week, so here it is in a nutshell!


Well this ones quite exciting, because although I haven't read it yet, I have ordered it and I'm VERY excited about doing so. My lovely friend Lisa is Head make-up artist over at Benefit Make-up, and last week she released her book, "Easy on the Eyes" (which incredibly has already gone to #1 bestseller on Amazon's beauty section!) On Tuesday last week, we headed up to London for a little launch party and a delicious meal!! So I'm excited about reading this one when it finally lands on my doorstep. You can buy it here!

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I'm kind of ashamed to admit that in all my thirty years, I had never seen Les Miserables before last weekend. I was babysitting for some friends, while Dave manned the fort at home, and I noticed the film on their shelves. Some of the singing was a bit iffy, but the story was incredible and I'd love to actually go and see the musical now... What a story of grace and redemption! I think Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman stole the show for me!

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One of the perks of being a multilingual family is that you get a broader range of music options. This week, I've been loving listening to my favourite German band, Silbermond. My favourite always was and still is "Symphonie"... Why not take a listen, even if you don't speak German... Music is an international language after all!

I've been loving pulling out the autumn clothes, although I'm hanging onto my new summer shoes as long as possible. Boots mean winter's definitely on its way!

Ava, meanwhile, has been adjusting to wearing her uniform every day! The minute she's home, it is strewn across her bedroom floor (we're working on that!) and replaced by one of her Princess dresses! We're having fun coming up with some new schoolgirl hairstyles though!


Yummy marshmallow cupcakes! We're big Hummingbird Bakery fans round here, and on Tuesday, I had promised the girls we could do a little bit of baking.

Needless to say, they're gone already!

And finally...
It's been a funny old week, adjusting back to routine. Ava has settled really well into her new school and in the meantime, my two littles are having a little bonding time of their own. When Ava's around, the two girl are thick as thieves, so its nice for Heidi and Jonas to get a bit of time to themselves too... I'm so excited to watch their little friendship develop over the next few months...

And that's our week in a nutshell!

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  1. Hi Claire, you may be interested to know that there is a Bible study based on Les Mis, we did it at my new church just before the summer holidays. It was written by a minister of a church that was used as one of the locations for the film. It looks at (mostly) one character per session and the issues they face - you watch the relevant scenes of the film and link them back to passages in the Bible that deal with the same issues. It's quite fun & a bit different if you ever have a BIble Study group looking for some inspiration xx

  2. Definitely go and see Les Mis at the west end - it is incredible and very moving, brilliant singing and stage props etc x

  3. Our church did the Les Mis bible study too one lent in our little study group, it's fun. And I love the flipped pigtails on Ava, she'll be the one that all the other girls want to copy - I think Kitty likes them so I might have to teach H!

  4. I really need to learn how to braid hair little ones hair is gorgeous. I love it. So awesome your friend has a book out. congrats. Les Miserables was good wasnt it? Lovely #littleloves round.

  5. So happy that you love Little Loves, I must say I really enjoy it to and I'm bowled over that so many others join in and love it just as much.
    Les Mis is spectacular isn't it? Such an emotive film and you're right Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway really do shine.
    Loving Ava's hair, I'll be trying that out withe E next week for sure.
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  6. Ooh I have to admit to never watching it either, I like the look of that movie! x #littleloves

  7. Oh, we love the Hummingbird Bakery too. It's a while since I've done the marshmallow cupcakes, but they're back in my list to do soon now. Their peanut butter cookie recipe is probably the single one thing I bake most often! I've just joined in with little loves for the first time

  8. Go and see Les Mis, you won't be disappointed. It is amazing on stage, I've seen it 5 times live and would go again in a minute. Anne Hathaway was my fave in the film too xx

  9. Claire, that book from your friend looks great! I'm definitely stuck in a rutt as far as eye make up goes so this looks great. And YOU have a famous friend yay! x x


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