Friday 9 October 2015

Zig Zag Plaits and Cosy Toes: Little Loves

Hello there! It's almost the weekend and I am SO ready to have my special ones all together again. This week has been SO much better... little Heidi has been struggling to adjust to Ava being at school, but this week she has been back to her usual chirpy self. Like everyone said, I guess it just needed time.

I'm sure we'll have our up days and down days!

I've read a fair bit this week... but these two books have dominated my down time... and I am loving  both of them. The kind of books where I'm nipping over to the sideboard every free second just to turn another page! Ava and I have loved trying out some of the new braids... I think its going to take practice, but thankfully I have a very willing and eager assistant...

This zig zag plait is in the book under the "Dad plait" section, which I love (basically the easiest haird styles!!) It looks so cute but was seriously, seriously easy to do! I'm just trying to find out if the book's available in English for you all!

The other book is called "Love the Home you Have" and I'm drinking it up! Written by American Interior blogger, Melissa Michaels (check out her blog "The Inspired Room" here), the book is all about contentment and creativity in the home you have and it is right up my street. I'm loving all the little quotes and infographics, and also the opportunity to think purposefully about what I think our home is for, and how I want it to be. I bought it off Amazon and I'd really recommend it to anyone who's into homes and interiors on a small budget!

This little man has been working on his gross motor skills this week and is now loving the fact he can hold toys, stare at his hands and bat at things on his mobile. I have pottered around him on a rug on the floor this week and watched him trying so very, very hard to roll over. He's getting onto his side, and turning circles, but hasn't quite made the full roll yet.

I don't think it'll be long though!

I've been loving listening to Rend Collective playlists on Youtube this week, but this song remains my fave...

Boots and Scarves and hand-knitted socks. One of the things I love about having Norwegian family is the constant flow of hand-knitted gloves and socks we get given... I am not going to claim I made them... but I'll happily keep my little toes warm in them!

Heidi and I made a start on our Autumn Bucket list this week and have already ticked a couple of things off... On Tuesday afternoon, I carved out a couple of autumn leaves on a potato, and my littlest lady happily stamped away to her hearts content and chattered away to me about all the things that matter and are important when you're two (Disney Princesses and trips to Nanny and Grandpa's house)... but she was not a happy bunny if even the tiniest smidgeon of paint got onto her fingers...!

Baby wipes at the ready!

And lastly...
We've had a lovely little week - we had a playdate on Tuesday with one of Ava's little school friends and it was just so lovely. I was so worried about moving schools, but its so nice that she, and I are making really lovely friends... its exciting to think that we're stuck together for at least the next 7 years! The second half of the week we've had lovely visitors from Norway, and the kids have loved having their Bestemor and Uncle around!

And now its the weekend, and we have pumpkin patch, birthday party and Sunday lunch guest plans ahead of us...

Bring it on!



  1. Loving the sound of that interiors book! Will have to check out her blog and look for the book on Amazon. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead of you, it sounds like fun though. Enjoy! xxx

  2. I've just added the Melissa Michaels book to my Amazon wishlist. I always like a good book recommendation. Also I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant and if it's a girl I will definitely be checking out the braids book. I have never mastered doing plaits in hair and it is something I'll have to crack if the baby is a girl.

  3. The books you are ready look very interesting. I love styling my girls hair but it is easy to get in the rut of just popping it into a ponytail. It sounds like you've a lovely weekend planned, I do hope you have a wonderful time.

  4. My never images are never as good :(

    Here is my blog:

  5. I need that plait book!!! I am rubbish at hair and admire anyone who can french plait! Loving your knitted socks! #littlelove

  6. That interiors book looks great, I'm going to add it to my wishlist on Amazon. Those socks are brilliant...I would happily accept knitted items all day long, it would keep my scarf addiction going anyway!! xx


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