Thursday 5 November 2015

Autumn in Derbyshire // Calke Abbey and Family Fun //

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."
- William Cullen Bryant -

Jackets donned, wellies on, wrapped up cosy, and we were ready to explore further the beauties of Derbyshire's autumn...

This time we headed for forgotten and faded glory. A house abandoned and left as it was... the signs of neglect and age showing... it was almost eerie in its long-forgotten state.

Calke Abbey, a property purposefully left abandoned... an absolutely fascinating place...

And full of the first hints of winter's approach...

The grand house is typical of houses of its age... once resplendent in its glory, and then, at the turn of the century, abandoned to time's cruel hands and left to slowly fade away.

It reminded me somewhat of the story of "The Secret Garden"... a place full of whispers and secrets of time gone by... a place that on first impressions seemed dead and lifeless...

But as in any country house estate, the gardens were teeming with life...

Even the abandoned glasshouse could not keep those shoots of life at bay, and tall exotic plants still pushed themselves through the surfaces...

Children, of course, will bring life to any place... and so the excited cries of little girls as they discovered the next clue on their trail was reminiscent, perhaps, of times gone by, when Nannies roamed the grounds with their small charges...

The flower garden was still there in all its natural brilliance... and the grounds were so vast, that sustenance was needed on route... there were tunnels and trees, walled gardens and outhouses to explore.

I relished time with this big girl of mine. School has been an adjustment for both of us, and though she is thriving, I miss time with her. With school runs and homework, opportunities to chat in the day to day are short. She is a good little friend, and loves exploring... and we loved having her to ourselves this week.

We wandered back towards the house and explored all the the house itself had to offer... aging furniture, peeling paint and a 300 year old piano that could still make a noise... Kayla, of course, had to test it out!

We explored the underground tunnels. stopped for a hot chocolate in the cafe and then headed back to the car, breathing in that crisp autumn air.

And then we headed off to family, and we were thankful for warm homes with full fridges and cosy corners and little cousins to play with...

Homes that are still full of life!

Thank you lovely Gill and Reg for having us!

This post is all my own thoughts and opinions, I have received no compensation or incentive for writing it.


  1. Love your blog can I come next time lol xx

  2. Loved having you it was a pleasure xx

  3. Loved having you it was a pleasure xx


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