Thursday 21 January 2016

That Long-Awaited Frosting // Savouring the Season

There was obviously going to be a theme this week, wasn't there? The week that long-awaited frosting finally arrived. Of course, we all hoped for more than that; a blanket of white, sledges out, days off school - like those winters a few years ago where the whole country seemed to turn into a winter wonderland.

Wishful thinking, of course.

But nonetheless, there were some little people round these parts thrilled at the arrival of that little bit of snow on Saturday night...

And so the #savouringtheseason hashtag on Instagram was similarly filled with a flurry of snow-laden images... so much winter prettiness, it was hard to choose this week!

Nature in all its ice-shimmery, frost-covered, snow-gleaming beauty...

Bottom L to R: @memeandharri // @ninamarika_ // @lovelylollyb

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But however stunning the images are... however glorious our rose-tinted views of snow days may be... however much we like to post that pretty picture up on Instagram, we all know the reality of winter with small children can tell quite a different story, and that's why I loved this post from Caroline at Becoming a Stay at Home Mum this week - her tale of a cold morning's winter walk with her children is real and relevant and something I'm sure we can all relate to! Go and check it out!

So that's the round up on this weeks #savouringtheseason ... again, the hugest thanks to all of you who join in here on the blog, and over on Instagram. Seriously... its like a little happy place where I can pop to and remember to be thankful for all the wonderfully good things about this long, dark season.

Looking forward to seeing all your winter fun this week!

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  1. Thanks for the mention lovely and thanks for hosting! We had about the same amount of snow as you, wish we would have had a little more! Xx

    1. You're very welcome... it was a lovely post! We're still holding out for a little more snow, but not too hopeful! x

  2. Such a gorgeous and chilly collection, thank you for the mention.
    We had no snow, just the frost, which has resulted in some very disappointed little boys, thank goodness they don't see Instagram, they'd have been grumpy bums seeing everyone's snow!

    1. Ha! Oh, yes... it is so tough when it seems to be everywhere else, but not on your turf! Hopefully you'll get some before the spring kicks in!x

  3. We had a similar 'light dusting' - what a disappointment! This is such a lovely linky Claire. If only I could remember to tag my Instagram photos! X

    1. I shall just have to give you a gentle reminder ;-) Would love to have you join in Suzanne!x

  4. Such gorgeous shots! I had fun this week doing the same, which i've added to your linky. I didn't realise i could tag my Instagram photos in to this. Ah well, i've only just joined instagram (bizarre as i'm an avid photographer, something to do with being scared off when it was launched of unfounded rumours of them having copyright to your photos...). Lets hope we have more frost and snow! x


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