Wednesday 30 March 2016

On Imperfect Children and Imperfect Mothers...

One of the first reasons I started writing this blog regularly was to document these baby years... Their baby books lie half empty on a shelf somewhere, but this blog is full of memories... All the little details recorded. And this moment, captured on Easter Sunday, was one I didn't want to miss...

My three littles, all playing together. Ava creating some make believe world in the play boot and handing Jonas little characters to chew on and play with. Heidi, mandolin in hand, serenading them both with some made-up song (honestly, the lyrics are always hilarious and give you a little insight into the wacky mind of a three-year-old!)

And us oldies, looking on.

It's just how I imagined it, family life... for a few moments anyway. Before Jonas is cuddled too aggressively by Heidi, or Ava suddenly decides she wants a go on the mandolin... 

And then I sigh and remember, the imperfect bits are all part of the journey too. An opportunity to teach, train, discipline, and teach these littles of ours that the world doesn't revolve around them.

A lesson I know thirty years on I'm forever learning too.

And as always, in this parenting thing, I'm reminded that grace is abundant... That I, an imperfect mother, will never create perfect children. But that grace allows us not to be drowned by our failings, but to reach out and be rescued from them.


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  1. Oh what a very sweet moment to have captured - and you're right, the imperfect parts are the counterpart in the harmony and however much we think we'd want to be without them, it just wouldn't be the same - if you're never stretched you don't grow. And as an aside it is a huge relief to find I'm not the only one with half filled in baby books!!


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