Tuesday 22 March 2016

Round 2...

I often think about those early days of motherhood... the exhaustion, the shock, the intensity and overwhelming nature of it all! And I wonder how, actually, I would have got through it without the support and friendship of a bunch of ladies who were always brutally honest. We laughed and cried together - shared our fears, frustrations, joys and woes. And were just real.

Real was what we all needed in the huge life-adjustment we were all going through.

I will forever be thankful to the NCT for that bunch of girls.

And now, four and a half years down the line, with our babies now walking, talking, reading school children, we are still to be found on a Monday morning with a cup of coffee or tea sharing our joys and woes and fears and frustrations, and surrounded by a different bunch of little people...

This time we are slightly more relaxed about the whole thing... this is now chartered territory, and the shock, the second time round (or third!), in no way compares to that utter feeling of terror with your first...

These little people have the blessing of not being the test run. They have never known life without an older sibling, and have Mamas who felt slightly (note the use of the word slightly) more clued up when it came to all things motherhood related...

But they are different little characters, and part of the life-lesson with these little guys has been learning that what worked for their eldest siblings doesn't necessarily follow with them! They have their own little personalities, and sometimes have left us just as baffled as their bigger siblings did before them!

And so comes another round of learning in this crazy adventure of motherhood... and a whole lot more sharing to do over coffee and a huge chunk of cake!

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  1. Oh that's so lovely that you all still meet up! My NCT group spaced out the second round a bit more so my littlest two don't have immediate NCT buddies, but one of the fellow mamas from the first round is my dear friend and I am godmother to her son, bless the NCT!


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