Monday 16 May 2016

Baby Tales // 11 months!

Oh my JoJo... How time flies! I cannot believe that the next milestone letter I will be writing you will be for your first birthday!! These baby days fly past far too quickly. You are my bright, cheery, chirpy little man, and with each day that reveals a little bit more of your character and personality, I love you more and more.

Right now, you are battling a hideous cold that has knocked you for six. After a long run of illnesses (see your ten month letter) this month has been a welcome respite, and yet a few days ago another bug hit. It hasn't been fun to watch you cough hideously, or just generally not be your usual, bubbly self, and I can't wait until the day you are back to your old self. I always say the first couple of winters are the toughest, and the changing seasons always seem to invite a host of new bugs to do the rounds.

This month you have started to crawl and are now into absolutely everything! After threatening to crawl for so long (I think you were somewhat delayed by your illnesses...) you just decided to do it one day, and that was it. No looking back. I've had to do a quick sweep of the home to ensure its all baby proof, and I think we're pretty much there now.

These next few months with builders and brick dust are going to be fun! (Not!)

Another milestone this month has been that you now have your top two teeth as well as your bottom two, meaning you now have four teeth in total, and suddenly look so much less like a baby, and much more like a little boy. You're thinning out, losing some of your chubbiness as you become more active, sitting and standing much more upright, growing more of that white-blonde hair and I'm beginning to get little glimpses of the boy you're growing into...

And oh how I love that little boy already!

Jonas, you are a joy and a delight to all of us, we cannot imagine life without you, and we thank God every day for the precious gift that you are to us.

We love you Jonas boy!

Mama and Papa xx

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  1. Can't wait to celebrate your birthday! 1year old!😄


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