Wednesday 18 May 2016

Hipp Hipp Hurra!

We'll take any opportunity for a little celebrating in our house, and celebrating Norwegian National Day is as good a reason as any. While the rest of the family out in Norway were off school and celebrating with parades and national costumes, we were packing our little rabble up and getting ready for school in the usual way, but we still made breakfast a little bit special!

Two girls waited expectantly on the stairs while Mama made the finishing touches. There something about a special occasion that has these two up and dressed by 7.30am! I'm not going to complain!

Their brother, the early riser, was up an hour before that, but at least it meant I was up bright and early to get everything ready. Big thanks to Bestemor and Bestefar for the provision of all the Norwegian goodies!

The whistles and rosettes were a particular hit with the young ladies!

Celebrating "17. Mai" is something we started last year (our celebrations last year fell over a weekend and allowed for a little more extravagance!) and its ready to become a tradition now... its so important to teach our children about their heritage, and make them proud of their international roots. We're keen to give them a world view that shows that life is about more than this particular little corner of London... to teach them about different languages and cultures and to appreciate difference and diversity

So here are a few little pictures from our special celebration breakfast!

And to all our Norwegian friends and family...



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